Hello, and welcome! I’m El. I'm a blogger and mompreneur on a mission to inspire moms to live their happiest life!

In 2015 I became a mom. It was a day I dreamt of since I was a little girl. But, when it happened, my whole world was turned upside down. I never imagined I would have to give up so much of who I am to care for a boy who certainly stole my heart. I was with the greatest love of my life, my son, Ryan, every day, but I felt alone. I was lost. I was searching for my purpose beyond motherhood. As I was discovering the “new” me, I started sharing my journey on social media as a way to connect with other mamas. With that, Land of Mom was born.

Since then, Land of Mom has evolved into much more than just my personal blog. It is a community. Even though every mom will have her own experience, my mission is to help moms discover, embrace and love who they are so that they are empowered to live their happiest life and enjoy the motherhood journey.

This year I hosted the first annual Happy Mom Conference where hundreds of mamas gathered to work on personal and professional growth, and connect with like-minded mamas.

Motherhood is not meant to be done in isolation. Every mom needs her tribe. On the journey we are faced with mountain highs and valley lows, and yes, it is up to us to navigate the land of motherhood. This land was made for moms like you and me. So, let us come together and support one another to reach new heights!

I have two boys, Ryan and Leo, who are 21 months apart and have my heart. Every day is a beautiful chaos in my home that I'm learning to accept, love and even appreciate, because I know I'll miss it when it's gone. One day my boys will be grown, but they will forever be my babies. Connect with me as I share some of the things that inspire me as a mom, and continue to learn and grow in, undoubtedly, the hardest role of my life.

I hope you smile when you are here.