11 Babysitter-Free Date Night Ideas for Parents

11 Babysitter-Free Date Night Ideas for Parents

Remember when spending time together was easy and hassle free? When it didn't mean babysitters or favors from grandparents and friends?

Just because you now have little ones in the house, it doesn’t mean spending time together has to be a challenge, or expensive.

It just takes some planning ahead, creativity, and willingness to leave work, stress, or tiredness at the door so you can truly focus on creating an atmosphere full of attention, affection, and love for each other.

Check out these eleven fun, baby-sitter free date night ideas and decide with your S.O. which one you will do together first!

Mark it on the calendar. Committing to a date night, and each other, will leave you feeling relaxed, connected, and ready to handle all the things that come with being a parent.

And, mamas, don't forget to take some photos with your partner. It was such a big shock of disappointment when I searched and searched for photos of me and hubs without the kids for this article and found hardly any. 


11 Babysitter-Free Date Night Ideas for Parents

1. Rent a movie on demand after the kids are asleep

I hear you, mama. It’s a hard bargain to willingly sacrifice your precious sleeptime, but cuddling on the couch to watch a new movie once in a while will go a long way for your relationship.

2. Exercise together

Roll out the yoga mats. Working out together is a great way to get your blood and endorphins pumping, and an opportunity to sneak in some long overdue glances at your amazing partner.

3. Share a pot of tea or hot cocoa

In the winter, there’s nothing better than cozying up on the couch with a steaming mug of cocoa and marshmallows. It’s also the perfect way to intentionally spend 5 minutes with your spouse in an otherwise chaotic day.

4. Start a new (to you) TV series together

Chances are, if you have young kids at home, you’re woefully out of touch with pop culture. Catch up on Game of Thrones, find out what This is Us is all about, or painfully laugh along with Catastrophe.

You should be able to squeeze in one or two episodes during the Sunday afternoon nap. (PS—You’re only allowed to watch the show together, so no skipping ahead!)

5. Order takeout on Fridays

Don’t skimp on this one!

Choose takeout you both love and don’t get to share together often. If you have a favorite fancy restaurant, see if you can get your order to go and bring the feeling of a fancy date home, except you get to be in your pj’s and cuddled up on the couch together.


6. Board/card/video game night

Change things up with a game! We’ve all been to those hip breweries where all the adults are playing Battleship, Jenga, or even Connect Four and having a blast.

Who says you can’t enjoy the same games at home (and you probably DO have them at home). Indulge your inner kiddos and get creatively competitive - maybe bet trading chores or back rubs for the winner.

7. Schedule a lunch date

If the kids are in daycare/school, a lunch date is a great way to spend an hour together without distractions (or the hefty price tag of dinner and a babysitter). Better yet, play hookie from work and spend the entire day together!

8. Cooking nights

Whip up your favorites together in the kitchen… even if it’s just making a cheese board with some wine. Be sure to share responsibilities like chopping, tossing, mixing, taste testing, and clean up. When you plan on making dinner a fun event, it will feel special and be fun.

9. Mobile Massage

Can’t get to the spa? Bring the spa to you! Some companies will do couples massage at your home. What could be more relaxing than relaxing together with your partner and NOT having to fight traffic home afterwards? The time devoted to relaxation will leave you both refreshed and blissful.

10. Bucket List

Grab a pen, a sheet of paper, your partner, and bring your imagination. One of the best parts of falling in love was sharing your dreams and creating dreams together. Write down all the things you want to do together, however simple or absurd they might be.

We get so busy we forget the crazy ideas we shared, or the ridiculous things we said we’d do together, just because we can. Make a list and keep it someplace where you can both look at it and be inspired by it. Who knows, one of those dreams may turn into your next awesome date night!

11. Get a Datebox subscription! 

You don't always have time to get everything done AND plan a special date, so why don't you have someone else plan it and you just show up for the fun?

Datebox is a monthly subscription box that plans all of the little details, so you can enjoy a relaxing night at home with your love. They also offer Dateboxes for specific cities (Los Angeles is coming soon!) if you prefer to get out of the house. 

As part of my #HappyMomTribe you can save 50% on your first order when you sign up here and use the code LANDOFMOM.

It’s so important to cultivate your relationship in small ways when you have little ones in the house.

It may be especially tough at times to give everyone a piece of you and your time, but try to put yourself in your spouse’s shoes. They probably went from being #1 in your life to the very bottom of the list because the kids, pets, yourself, etc. are all taking priority.

Can you commit to one date night this month? Share what it'll be in the comments, and then sign up for my 10 Ways to Happy as a Mom guide so you can commit to your self-relationship, too.

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