Corporate to Creative with Photographer Kristine Ovsepyan

Corporate to Creative with Photographer Kristine Ovsepyan

I absolutely adore the super talented baby whisperer (as I like to call her) and Mom Boss, Kristine Ovsepyan of Kristine Ovsepyan Photography. She left a steady paycheck to pursue what makes her happy and feel alive.

Are you inspired yet?

She’s a passionate mom and photographer who brings her vibrant, artistic energy to both roles. She’s surrounded by new life (newborns) every day which brings her pure joy! She loves being able to connect with her clients, mostly first-time moms, on a level that only a fellow mom could appreciate. Our interview turned into a therapy session of sorts where we unknowingly dived deep into our motherhood roles and analyzed our feelings about our shortcomings. It’s how we do! Don’t judge us. It’s what happens when two mamas connect. Meet Kristine.

kristine ovsepyan

Kristine Ovsepyan is mama to "two little rascals", Kahren (6) and Allen AKA John-John (20 months) and a professional photographer. 

Motherhood has given her the ability to see things through what she calls the “mommy lens.” She see the moments she photographs differently because she's a mom. Taking the photos evokes emotion and puts more feeling in the moment and the photo.

"As I photograph, I feel what a mother would feel when she gets that hug or as she stares into her newborn's eyes, because as moms only we know that kind of love."

Kristine Ov and boys

Kristine loves the way her boys make her feel: "I’m in love every day. Hence, why I want to have five more if I could." But.... if you ask her what she could do without as a mother, she says she would happily leave behind all of the expectations and worries that she's doing a good job as a mother.

With two little boys and a thriving photography business, I asked Kristine how she balances it all. 

"If you ask anyone around me I’m failing miserably at this. My family says I’m constantly forgetting or missing things."

Currently, her work has taken over and she's trying to figure out a balance that will work for her family. She does make it a point to shut down when she's with the kids by putting away the technology and choosing to be present. She's also thankful for being able to edit from her home studio so she can easily step away from work when needed.

"It’s a crazy juggling act and every day is different!"

She is also no stranger to the mama guilt when she takes time for herself. Traditional date nights are out, because they don't have a lot of help with the kids, so she'll paint her own nails or adjust her schedule around the kids.

"It does take its toll because alone time is necessary and healthy. Before kids, my idea of recharging was reading a good book or taking an art class... now I get to feed my artistic soul with my work, so that’s my recharge. Especially with a photo session I’m really proud of. I left my secure 9 to 5 to pursue my passion. I took a big risk to be able to do what I love and thankfully my work time is also a time of self care."

kristine boys 2

Kristine admits that she didn't think much about motherhood before becoming a mom. She says she was never maternal, and didn't even want kids at one point. 

"It's hilarious to me to think that now I spend most of my days with my kiddos or with others' kids. But motherhood has really, completely taken me over. This utterly pure and insanely strong love for my first born swept me up and into a love, I had never imagined. It is better than anything else! I had always been told, "you won't know until you have your own." Well now I know, and motherhood is sooo hard, but so AHmazing!"

I ask every mom boss how they found themselves after the births of their children, because it can feel a bit lonely and isolating after having a baby. You live to support this infant who is completely dependent upon you, and you can lose your sense of self somewhere along the way. Kristine's reply to this question was just so sweet: 

"I don't think I found myself until I had children. I finally became so aware of time and how fleeting it is. I realized that I was on a very successful path in a career that I couldn't care less for. I realized that I wanted to live a life that was more fulfilling and that gave me more freedom with my time. While I am still working on how I manage my time (as I’ve already confessed), I have found a new self."

kristine son 1

I asked Kristine to share her top advice for new moms and she stressed taking it easy.

"Don’t stress out about doing what everyone else is doing. Do what’s right for you. Trust your gut. I got this piece of advice as a first-time mom, and love it until this day: don’t act like this is your first child, act like you know what you’re doing and have been doing this for years. It’s kinda like that saying “fake it till you make it.” It really works because it forces you to trust yourself and your decisions as a mom."

Don’t act like this is your first child, act like you know what you’re doing and have been doing this for years.

As a mommy photographer, her other tip for new moms is to get in the photo!

"We all have excuses for why we can’t take pictures of ourselves: we are “out of shape”, hair is a mess, we have bags under our eyes from endless mommy duties, not wearing the right thing.

We don’t realize how important it is to capture ourselves with our kiddos, but really! Make an effort to #getintheframe. Capture yourself with your kids, in love, in awe, in bliss, now, to preserve these special times and be able to share them later.

You will show your kids what confidence is in capturing yourself as you are. They will not see all the imperfections we punish ourselves for. And they will forever appreciate the memories with you that may otherwise fizzle and fade with time. They will look back and see their pretty mama, who loved and adored them in every way."

kristine son 2

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I just love all of the tips and advice from Kristine, especially her message to new mamas to #getintheframe! What did you think? Would you walk away from a successful career to an unknown territory in pursuit of happiness and work-life balance? Tell me in comments below!

AND, because as moms we love nothing more than to snap and post pics of our babies, enjoy Kristine’s list of five photography tips for new moms:

1. Keep it simple. Take a quick look around the area you are shooting to make sure there isn’t distracting clutter. 

2. Look at the light. Find even, soft light like soft light coming through a window, paying attention to make sure there aren’t harsh lights or shadows on your subject.

3. Get close. Get closer to focus on your subject and cut out unnecessary things (unless you are shooting a scene) but make sure not cut off important parts. I often see a picture of a happy kiddo on a horse, except excited mom or dad chopped off the horse's head and only captured their kiddo on a horse body.

4. Take lots of pictures. The best thing about digital pictures is that snapping pictures is free!

5. Get in the frame! Flip that camera and get in the shot.

To check out more of Kristine’s amazing work, visit her website.

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