Ellina Abovian, TV Reporter & Badass Boy Mama

Ellina Abovian, TV Reporter & Badass Boy Mama

Here’s a boss mama who’s using her platform and voice to inspire! She’s living her dream as a mom to her boy, Christopher, and a news reporter on KTLA 5. She’s a fit mama who wasn’t going to let her pregnancy weight gain slow her down.

For her, getting back into physical shape after having her son is what got her back to feeling like herself again, and she sure was dedicated to it! She’s a mom above all else but chooses to continue on in her career because, in her words, “it’s great for the soul to have a passion.” Words to live by if you ask me!

Whatever your path may be, read on for some real momspiration to light a fire under you ass and get you going in that direction! Here’s Ellina Abovian.

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Ellina Abovian is a news reporter for a television station in Los Angeles, KTLA 5 and mom to one son, Christopher (13 months).

She says her son makes every day a good day. Regardless of everything else in life, her son is a constant reminder that life is full of love. "I love that I have the ability to raise, care for, and mold this little boy into a man someday."

"Motherhood is a gift," she says. "I never saw it that way when I was younger. I knew it would be an absolute joy but I was always afraid that it would change me. On the contrary, motherhood has made me a better, richer more complete version of myself. I love more deeply, I am more patient, and more willing to embrace other changes in life."

Ellina claims that being a mom has made her more patient, more compassionate and more understanding of the human condition.

"Christopher encourages me to work harder and to make the hustle count. He doesn’t understand this now, but hopefully someday he will be proud of his mommy."

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Like many of our Mom Bosses, Ellina says sleep is truly the hardest part of having a young child—and it's the only part you can’t figure out a new solution for … you simply need to sleep somehow. 

She also mentions how motherhood can put a strain on our relationships with our spouses. "We both love to dine out, travel and spend time together and its tough with a little one. We try to make time at least once a week to have a date night. We are each other’s best friend so having time alone is very important to maintain a healthy relationship."

Self-care is not easy, but in the evenings when her son is asleep and she's done with the house work, she tries to unwind and disconnect with a glass of red wine, a book or a movie. This routine gives her space to decompress and recharge for the day ahead.

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I asked Ellina to share a bit about how she balances her day as a television anchor and a mom. She admits that it's a juggling act from the moment she wakes up and says that being a parent is very difficult whether you work outside the home or not. 

"Being a mom is the most important thing to me but I do also like having something outside of my family that is solely mine. It’s great for the soul to have a passion. Working, believe it or not, makes me a better wife and mother. I have a much broader worldview and I feel like a more balanced, well rounded person. I cherish every moment with him because I know what it’s like each day to be without him."

She says the first rule of understanding how to balance is understanding how to sacrifice and that it's OK to sacrifice some things. You just have to prioritize your day and learn to be very organized. 

"Do I feel guilty for working? Absolutely. Mom guilt never goes away. But I have also learned you cannot give into every emotion. I choose to work, however, not all women have that option. I try to remind myself of the women who work for survival in far less glamorous industries who are able to do both. I cannot even imagine how single, working moms do it!

I work for the 1, 3 and 6pm newscasts, so I don’t start work until 11am which has been amazing. My son and I start our day around 6am, we play, have breakfast and get a good dose of each other before my nanny arrives. Having quality time together in the mornings and evenings made the transition of going back to work much easier.

Some days I get home, and I can’t even keep my eyes open but I will still give my son his nightly bath and put him to sleep. 

Some days I feel like supermom and some days I feel like I’m totally failing — which is normal. It’s important not to get caught up in the daily battles. It’s all about the big picture."

Going back to those early mom days, I asked Ellina how she found herself again after the birth of her son. She admitted that she took things one day at a time.

"For me, getting back in shape was very important for my overall well-being. I began to eat very clean from the moment my son was born. I started working out with a trainer 8 weeks postpartum and within three months, I had shed the 33 pounds that I had gained. 

Once I started to look more like my old self, I started to feel like my old self. 

It really helped with my energy level and my post-baby blues. There are so many uncertainties as a new mom … and I found that taking control of my physical health helped me feel more in control of everything else."

Ellina's advice for new moms is to "do your best and don’t overthink it." Being a mom is half instinct. People will always have opinions on what you should do, but only you really know what is right for you. Remember it’s your child, your body, your time and your choice. 

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I also asked Ellina how she impacts or gives back to the community and she said it's her job to tell people's stories whether good or bad.

"It’s a great responsibility to have a platform and an audience of millions of people to tell the stories of people who otherwise don’t have a voice. My cause since the beginning of my career has been to elevate the Armenian community. I try to cover Armenians on the rise but also try to shine light on our past. Every so often I get asked to host events for my community which I am always thrilled to do. It’s a great feeling to know I have created a name that people want associated with their causes."

Wow such empowering words by Mom Boss, Ellina!

 Are you in a career you love and expecting your first child? Maybe you’re wondering how having a baby will change things?

Or maybe you’ve just had a baby and are thinking about how different things will be when you return to work?

Share your thoughts in comments. You never know, a fellow mama might be in the same boat and benefit from your share. xo!

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