5 Wishes I Have For My Kids

5 Wishes I Have For My Kids

Seeing the world through my children’s eyes has made me realize how differently they perceive things and how easily they can be influenced. I got to thinking about how Art and I are raising the boys and came up with a list of wishes for them. It was harder than you think to pick just 5 wishes... try it! There's so many things I wish for them, but these are the ultimate in my mind. It’s my hope that these wishes lay the foundation for my boys to grow into independent, happy, and healthy adults. And, I plan on reading these to them often as a reminder in life!


Here's my five:


It's important for us to raise good humans. Humans that grow up to help and change the world. And I believe it starts with the values instilled in your child very early on. I always remind my boys to say please and thank you, and try to teach them to not expect things, but rather to earn them. They've gotten pretty good at please and thank you... teaching them that they can't have everything they want right when they want it is hard at their age, but we're working on it. Teaching them to be inclusive is another way we work on kindness. During play-dates and after-school hangouts, my boys know to include every child in the game and share... now sharing with each other at home, that they are still working on haha!

Another way we instill kindness in our boys is getting involved with charities and non-profit organizations. Little Leo didn't understand as much last Christmas, but Ryan and I participated in Baby2Baby's adopt a family holiday cause. Baby2Baby provides low-income children (ages 0-12) with diapers, clothing, and the basic necessities every child deserves and their holiday cause collects new toys to give out during the holidays. Check out my recap of their fundraising gala last year.

Ryan and I shopped for goodies for our brother and sister children, wrapped presents, and dropped off everything together at Baby 2 Baby one day after school. It allowed me to discuss families and children who are less fortunate with Ryan then... I explained to him that not every child gets new clothes for school and new toys to play with... we must be thankful and grateful for what we have, but also provide for and help those in need when we can. At two and a half, he understood fine. We also donate clothes and toys to families in need... sometimes it is especially hard for a child to say goodbye to a toy... but it's a great opportunity to teach the lesson that a toy that you barely even use any more could make a huge impact in another child's life. We link up with other organizations too for walks, gatherings, and donation drives... Here's a good list of some amazing organizations that support mamas and families in case you are looking to support a worthy cause:



I want to raise my boys to never forget their roots and culture. My husband and I are Armenian both born in Tehran, Iran. We want our children to be proud of it and to know what it means to be Armenian. We want them to know the language and to hopefully read and write it one day. We want to take them to see our Motherland... we've never been ourselves. We want them to appreciate the beautiful culture, food, and traditions. Even though we don't speak Armenian 100% of the time and are very much American, we want them to recognize and respect where their parents and grandparents are from and who they are.

It's important to stay connected with family to uphold the traditions that would otherwise diminish and be obsolete one day. We are lucky our boys have wonderful grandparents on both sides to help keep the Armenian culture alive in our home and at our celebrations.

The other part of this is that I don't want them to ever forget FAMILY IS FIRST. No matter where they go in life or what they do, they must never forget their parents, siblings, life at home, and the way they grew up. I will do everything in my power to keep my children close to me forever in life. They will of course hopefully marry, move on, and have families of their own, but Art and I always want to be a part of what they build and keep them with us and together as brothers in life.


I want my children to travel and see the world! I'm not talking just visiting beautiful places and vacationing, although I want that for them too... but what I'd like is for them to travel to places to learn about different cultures and ways of life. I want them to know the world outside of the bubble we are in here in Los Angeles. To know and understand how others in the world live... what traditions they practice, how they celebrate, what they eat... I feel it will build an appreciation for life and people like no other activity or experience.

I want Ryan and Leo to travel to see the unknown, instead of reading or hearing about it... I want them to live it. I'm also big on studying abroad and foreign internships... I hope they decide to participate in these one day, although their daddy says I say that now, but when the time comes I won't want to let go... I say, of course, I'll miss them, but what they'll gain from the experiences hopefully is something they'll never regret and always be thankful for. I want to see them grow and evolve in that way.



If you've read any of my blogs before you know I'm a dreamer. I've always dreamed BIG. I've been called crazy, but dreaming is life! Even if some dreams are completely unattainable... which I feel like doesn't exist because anything is possible... dreaming is fun and makes you feel alive. You always have goals to pursue and something that inspires you to live. And if you're going to dream why not make it big? If you achieve it you will be living your best life!

If you’re a dreamer like me, then we must be BFFs. Dreaming involves holding tight to a vision of a better life, one of success and happiness. While getting there might be difficult, having to deal with setbacks and failures along the way, it’s well worth it. Anyone who’s achieved a big goal knows how true that is.

Most importantly, I never want my boys to throw in the towel or give up on their dreams!


In the end, all I really wish for my kids is happiness. And not just any happiness, TRUE HAPPINESS. Not happiness with material things and money, but happiness to the core… happiness deep inside them that works like magic in their lives to make them feel good and smile and laugh no matter what situations they are faced with. Happiness that makes them live a certain way with a zest for life and positive vibes surrounding everything they do and the people they touch and connect with in life.

When you're happy, everything else seems to fall into place. I wish that my kids learn the true meaning of happiness and always pursue it in life.



the Future is Bright

As challenging as it is being a mama and balancing it all, I know how important it is to provide my boys with experiences that will help them grow into well-rounded adults with bright futures ahead of them. I want to be able to look at my boys in 20 years and see the impact they are making on the world practicing what we have taught them about themselves and others.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my wishes for my boys… I’d love to hear what your biggest wishes are for your babies… let me know in the comments below.


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