Babies & Business with Paige Lauren

Babies & Business with Paige Lauren

Paige Lauren is the owner and founder of PAIGELAUREN, a luxury clothing brand committed to creating the softest, smoothest, fuss-free, and modern clothes for babies and toddlers. Paige started the company in 2009 when her friends began having babies and found themselves frustrated by a lack of simple, soft clothes for baby. 

"Most baby clothes at the time were very cutesy and sweet... not at all for the modern mom," she shared. Recognizing a gap in the market, she got to work, launching her premium brand of high-quality, luxurious and classic baby clothes.

Today, her simple yet classic designs are made from soft, luxe certified organic fabrics to ensure baby's comfort. Covering all of baby's needs, with rompers, bodysuits, caps, blankets, and more, Paige creates easy to use and wear clothing with subtle details (like lead and nickle-free snaps) that the modern mama can appreciate.


How becoming a mom changed her business

Over the last decade, Paige has built her brand among her Southern California / East Coast fan base. Two years ago, she became mama to Jack Stephen, and she jokingly says that becoming a mother gives her way less time to work on her business and audience.

Being a mom to a wiggly toddler, though, has given Paige a fresh perspective on the construction and design of PAIGELAUREN clothes, with a premier focus on SOFT attire for baby. 

"We have a romper called a crawler with snaps on the back. While it's a very popular style in the Newborn to 6/9 months range, I realized that my son didn't flip over on his stomach until about 6 months. I much preferred this style over any other after that, so we started creating larger sizes which often sell out!"

Balancing work and life...

For Paige, work/life balance doesn't come down to scheduling time on the calendar, but rather being fully present in whichever role she's in at the moment: "I am all in when I am with my son and all in when I am at work." 

She admits that, during the first year, she struggled with balancing work and mom life. Ultimately, she made the decision to take time away from work to focus on her relationship with and care of her son.


I asked Paige to share her experience as a new mom. Was it everything she hoped it would be?

"It was everything my mom told me but even better," she replied. "I was very present with my son and even breast fed him until 14 months old. The bond we made is remarkable. I wouldn't trade that time with him for anything."

At this point, the fourth trimester with its sleepless nights is a blur, which also feeds into her advice to new moms... because it goes by in such a blur. 

β€œEnjoy your babies. Don’t rush for them to get older or go to work. Every stage and every challenge of their childhood is amazing.”
— Advice for new moms from Paige Lauren of PAIGELAUREN

Paige and I also talked a little bit about self-care and finding yourself after the birth of a child. She told me that her journey to rediscovering herself was done in baby steps... a girls' lunch here, a manicure there, a workout every now and then.

Today, her version of self-care includes Yoga sessions and spinning classes... along with time to simply rest. 

After recently launching PAIGELAUREN's new website, she's been hard at work on a new toddler collection and a layette subscription service for busy moms with growing babies.

Paige has graciously offered our Happy Mom readers a store-wide coupon for 25% off your order. Just use the code LANDOFMOM at checkout.

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