Baby Leo's First Haircut at The Yellow Balloon

Baby Leo's First Haircut at The Yellow Balloon

With Ryan, my first son, I put off his first hair cut as long as I could because I loved his natural, untouched baby hair. (You can read more about that experience here.)

I did the same with my little lion, Leo and waited until he was almost 15 months old. His mane kept growing and growing and growing... and, I definitely got a lot of comments from people about how I should have it cut. I held off until I couldn't allow it to get any longer... after all, it probably wasn't very safe that he couldn't see where he was going behind all that hair! 

Interestingly enough, this “I’m a big boy now” moment also coincided with weaning! (Story on that coming soon!)


Since we had such a great experience with Ryan's first haircut at the Yellow Balloon in Studio City, we knew it would be the spot for Leo's first haircut as well.

We decided to make it a family affair with all four of us taking a trip to the salon together. It was fun to be back... especially for Ryan who loves the cool cars and the lollipops. 

Leo, on the other hand....

Well, he WAS NOT having it. He started roaring as soon as he sat in his first little car. We tried putting him in Daddy's lap and then in Mommy's lap... but he was still not having it. 

We almost gave up and left when he didn't even bat an eyelash when they brought out their beloved animal crackers.


Then I remembered—what was it that got Ryan excited for a haircut every time following his first one?

Oh, that's right, he got to have a lollipop!

Leo was screaming at the top of his lungs... until he got a lick of his first ever lollipop! He instantly calmed and got the most hilariously adorable look of, "Man, mama, why have you been holding this back on me?"

He got through one lollipop, but since he had so much hair, we weren't through with the cut, so he got to enjoy seconds!


I really loved Leo's long baby hair and didn't want to see it cut too short, especially for his first one, so I opted for what I call the "long short cut", and you can see it in the "after" photos with the yellow balloon.

After the cut, the brothers got to run around and play in the colorful salon space, and then went outside to ride around on some fun rides while mama, of course, had a mini photo shoot moment!

Leo's first haircut experience was definitely memorable, and we were thankful for the talented and patient staff who know so well how to help both mama and baby feel comfortable. 


I love how they even give you a cute post-cut photo with a frame, a special certificate, and, of course, baby's lock of hair. On the way home, hubby and I got to enjoy a quiet moment where both big brother Ryan and little lion Leo snoozed in the car all the way home.

Thank you, Yellow Balloon, for another special experience! Check them out and mention Land of Mom and you'll get $5 off your child’s first cut.

I'll be sharing more of my LA favorites for babies, kids & families—including our summer bucket list and traveling with littles around California. Click here to join the Happy Mail list and keep up with our adventures!

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