Baby’s First Haircut at The Yellow Balloon

Baby’s First Haircut at The Yellow Balloon


I put off Ryan’s first haircut for as long as I could because I loved his natural, untouched baby hair. In my mind, cutting his hair meant he would no longer be my “baby.” I was kinda right, because I swear he became my big boy as soon as he left the styling chair!


Although I was an emotional mess, Ryan had the best haircut experience at The Yellow Balloon Hair Salon in Studio City, CA.  He got to sit in a "driveable" car, play with a basket full of toys, eat animal crackers, and lick a lollipop for the first time... all while he had his hair cut by one of the talented stylists. There was no crying, whining or meltdown. I was positively shocked at how well he handled the whole thing, and I credit the salon for it for sure!


We decided on a classic scissor cut so Ryan wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the sound and feel of clippers on his first time. It's already such a weird sensation to have a stranger near your ears and neck, behind you where you can't see... so we felt the clippers might be a little too overwhelming.


The haircut turned out adorable! And, the experience included a diploma, keepsake lock of hair and a photo to remember it all by and embarrass him with in the future. So much fun!

A few tips for baby's first haircut: 

1. Have something fun planned for afterward 

You'll want to mark this milestone with some wonderful memories especially if your little one was less-than-pleased about the experience. We planned to have lunch at one of our favorite spots and then hung out at the Huntington Gardens and Library in Pasadena.

2. Try not to stress about it

Baby will feed off your energy, and if you're putting out anxious vibes, he's going to feel it. Be sure to have a few tricks up your sleeve—favorite toys, snacks, a special treat, or a reward if your baby is older. If your little one is a wiggly worm, you may want to seat her on your lap during the haircut. Baby's first haircut is often harder on mom and dad than it is on baby! 

3. Wait until after his or her first birthday

This comes from my sentimental side, but—if it's possible—try to wait until after your baby turns 1 before you cut his or her hair. Then you'll have at least one birthday pass with baby's super soft locks and the adorable photos that come with it. (Your baby may not even have enough hair for a haircut until closer to two, anyway!) We waited until Ryan was almost a year and a half and when we could no longer tame the mane!


Ready for your little one’s first haircut? Check out the Yellow Balloon and mention Land of Mom to receive $5 off your child’s first cut.

Tell me about your first haircut experiences in the comments. I love hearing everyone's story! 

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