A Look Inside My Newborn’s Library: The Must-Have Books Every New Baby Needs

A Look Inside My Newborn’s Library: The Must-Have Books Every New Baby Needs

Reading to your baby from the very start is so important! It helps develop their language skills and teach them all about the world around them. I’ve gathered all the books for little Max’s nursery reading nook, but we’re still in remodel mode and working on designing it with Emerald Rouge. Nareh has been so amazing and I can’t wait to show you the results soon!

Since I’m setting up Max’s little library, I thought I’d share with you the new books I’ve discovered this third time around along with the essentials I’ve had for all three of my boys:

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, but I never recommend something I don’t use and love myself!

New Additions for Max:

Ellie + Ott

I’m so excited I recently stumbled upon Ellie + Ott! It is such an amazing brand that really focuses on creating intentional books for every stage of babyhood. So far I’ve read the books for the first three months, and these books are the sweetest! They are written so thoughtfully and put into perspective what Mama and Papa and Baby are going through as baby arrives and grows.

Another thing I love about Ellie + Ott is that it is 100% female-founded and owned, so they’re really passionate about empowering the working mama!

Month 1: Ready or Not

Ready or Not chronicles labor in a sweet way and then the arrival of new baby into the world. It’s designed for your little newborn’s developing eyes and eager ears to help them learn and grow right from the start. Like with all Ellie + Ott books, it includes some parenting skill tips specific to the month of babyhood and what the parents are going through (for month one: SurvivalMode!)

Month 2: Alarm Clock

In Alarm Clock, Baby is Mommy and Daddy’s new alarm, and they celebrate adjusting to the new little one at home with things like the perfect swaddle and getting a nap in together while baby sleeps. It introduces the color red, because that’s the first color babies see.

Month 3: The New Normal

The New Normal explores the first three months of babyhood and parenting and brings in a little more color for babe’s ever-developing sight. Mommy and Daddy are adjusting to their new normal where their world revolves around Baby and reminisce on some good times they had and adventures they went on before their baby came along. But ultimately, their new normal is where it’s at!

Along with the story and the parenting skills, each Ellie + Ott book contains playtime activity cards designed perfectly for your little one’s current stage of development. I can’t wait to see what the rest of these books are like!

Jesus Storybook Bible

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name is a newer children’s Bible that I’m excited to explore with all my boys. The illustrations are beautiful and it really tells the stories of the Bible in a way that littles can understand and relate to.

A Few More new reads:

  • I Love you Through and Through

    This fun, rhyming book is all about how much we love our little ones, and goes through all the big emotions our little toddlers experience.

  • Reach for the Stars

    This sweet little book was gifted to Max in the hospital by his big brothers! I can’t wait to tell him this one day!

  • You Belong Here

    It’s so important for our littles to feel loved and important and that they’re right where they should be. That’s the whole message of this book: that your little ones belong right where they are… with you!

Newborn baby Max Gharibian’s little feet and tiny toes

Newborn Library Essentials:

These are the essential books I already had for Max, handed down from his big brothers Leo and Ryan. Some of these are classics that every newborn library should have, and others are just faves of mine:

  • The Wonderful Things You Will Be

    This one is a #1 bestseller on Amazon for a reason! The art is so beautiful and the story so playful and fun as it looks forward to the future as babes grow up to become something wonderful.

  • The Going to Bed Book

    Sandra Boynton books have the cutest illustrations, and her playful and simple style is perfect for learning those first words! This one’s a nice prep for nighttime sleep.

  • I Love you, Goodnight

    Another sweet bedtime story, this book is full of fun and creative ways to remind your baby how much you love them.

  • Love You Forever

    This old classic is a tear-jerker, mamas! It follows the story of a baby boy growing up and his mama singing to him.

  • Goodnight Moon

    A well-known classic that no newborn’s library is complete without!

  • Corduroy

    So many of us grew up with this sweet little bear in green overalls. The story we know and love is definitely a must-have on any nursery bookshelf!

  • Good Night, Gorilla

    This book has almost no words at all, telling the story only through the pictures. It’s great for teaching your child to think through what the pictures mean and learn to interpret the story from them. We love telling the story a little differently at each read! Plus it’s very silly!

  • Guess How Much I Love You

    This story about the love between parent and child is the sweetest! It may have been the first book I read to Ryan, and I was bawling by the end.

  • Giraffes Can’t Dance

    This is a great book to teach your children to never give up on their dreams! Gerald (Giraffe), along with all the other animals of the jungle, thinks he can’t dance… until he does… and it’s the most beautiful thing! It takes just one friend to believe in him for him to believe in himself.

  • Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

    Nothing beats Dr. Seuss for a fun, creative read!

  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

    No babe’s library is complete without an Eric Carle book or two! This one is great for teaching your little one the names of different animals and colors. The repetition of words also supports memory building.

Early Learning Faves:

  • Where is Baby’s Bellybutton?

    It’s so fun to discover the body while reading this fun lift-the-flap book! Teach your little one about themselves and where to find their cute little belly button!

  • First 100 Box Set

    These books are full of bright colors and simple first words and objects for your little one to explore. They’re especially great in the later months when your babe can see all the different colors and is beginning to really develop those language skills.

  • Dr. Seuss’s ABC

    Every library needs an ABC’s book, and Dr. Seuss’s is one of the best! I love reading this one from newborn and beyond… Ryan is four and we enjoyed this ol’ goodie just other night.

Daddy Faves:

  • The Very Brave Lion

    Follow the journey of young lion, Rory, in this one as he learns he can be as great as his dad, king of the jungle, at everything! He’s small now and still learning, but he’s definitely a king in the making.

Faith-Based Must-Haves:

  • His First Bible: Little Stories for Little Hearts

    My go-to first bible for all of my boys, His First Bible keeps the Sunday School stories simple and approachable, even for very little tots.

  • God Gave Us you

    This sweet book is a great way to introduce your faith to your little one while also talking to them about where they came from. This is the first in a whole series of books by Lisa Tawn Bergren, which includes books for siblings and adoption and different holidays.

  • Baby’s First Book of Prayers

    This book is the perfect companion to His First Bible, as it teaches your little one how to pray and have a thankful heart.

Holiday Must-Haves:

God Gave Us Christmas is the first book I read by Lisa Bergren, and it’s perfect for introducing Christmas to your littles from the perspective of faith. It’s not all about presents and treats - Christmas has deeper meaning than that!

The Polar Express was my personal fave growing up, so of course I had to have it for my boys!

Ryan and Leo love following along on the journey to the North Pole and back, and the story teaches them to never stop believing in the magic of Christmas!

Finding Books the whole family will love

I love all of these books because not only are they good for development and teaching valuable lessons, but they’re also sweet stories with lovely illustrations, making them fun for the whole family to enjoy. My older boys still love all of these books, even at 2 and 4 years old, and I hope they’ll continue loving them for years to come.

What did I miss, Mama? Tell me your newborn library must-have in the comments!

“A Look Inside my Newborn’s Library: The Must-Have Books Every New Baby Needs” explores all of Elin Abad’s favorite books for her new baby boy, Max, including an amazing new series by Ellie + Ott, some faith-based favorites like God Gave Us You, and essential classics like Goodnight Moon, Guess How Much I Love You, and Corduroy. | Los Angeles, CA | Land of Mom | baby book recommendations | best board books | best books for babies | #landofmom #happymom #happymomtribe #bookrecommendations
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