Fostering Creativity & Imagination with Courtney Gray of Tnee’s

Fostering Creativity & Imagination with Courtney Gray of Tnee’s

Children’s imaginations (and their energy) can seem endless at times... and so can the mess of toys that us moms end up picking up. Keeping the toys where they belong can seem like a never-ending battle, but does it have to be?

"No!" says our first #MomBoss of 2018, Courtney Gray of Tnee’s. Her modern and stylized children's decor line ensures that you don't need to sacrifice playtime OR style in your home.


Courtney designs children’s decor that is pretty enough to leave out in any room of the house. Business owner and mother of three — Zoey (8), Darcy (5), and Madden (2) — she is familiar with the necessity of children’s playtime and a mother’s desire to have a functioning, pretty home.

She wanted to earn an income while staying at home and raising her family, but she also wanted to create a special place for her children to imagine and learn. So, she made up her own teepee pattern and built her business from the ground up. Her teepees, rugs, blankets, and lanterns are thoroughly enjoyed by children and moms alike.


Courtney's husband/business partner also works with her full time, and they’ve been a strong team from the beginning. Her business has now grown large enough that she is able to employ a small army of stay-at-home moms who wouldn’t otherwise be able to work. They all enjoy the creativity, freedom, and flexibility to work around their children’s schedules.

I always try and put my family and God first. No matter what. I find that when I do that, there is plenty of energy for me to accomplish my work goals.

After the birth of her children, Courtney knew how important it was that she keep going after her own goals. She had always wanted to graduate from college, and did.

“I was in my final year of college when I became a mother to my sassy little Zoey. I was student-teaching all day every day while my mom watched my new baby. At the time, my husband was going to school and working full time. We were so poor—living in a one bedroom basement apartment, extremely busy, and lacking sleep. Yet, we made time for our little family and those were some of the best years of our lives. I wouldn't have changed them for anything. It was eye opening to see all I was capable of. I graduated from college with a 3.8, and my daughter survived on lunch break breast feeds. My heart grew, as well as my goals and capacity for work.”


Like many moms, Courtney balances time for her family, her business, and herself. Whether she’s exercising or strolling the aisles at Target, she knows giving herself ‘me’ time will only give her more energy for everything else, especially the lessons her children teach her.

I love all the things I learn from my children. They are innocent, smart, funny, and carefree. I try to be more like them everyday.

Her number one goal and advice for moms is “keep moving forward”. She believes focusing on the positive and blessings her family has been given will help keep them all moving forward.

Courtney is graciously offering 10% off to the Land of Mom community, just enter promo code MOMBOSS during checkout at

I just love the idea of having fun + stylish children's decor in your home. As a mom who loves a clean (well, as clean as it can get with two under 2!), modern style, the Tnee’s Teepees are a perfect fit in my home. 

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