9 Common Warning Signs of Early Pregnancy

9 Common Warning Signs of Early Pregnancy


I remember trying to get pregnant the first time. I wanted to have a baby so badly. I always thought it would just happen when my husband and I were "ready." But it didn't. And I remember looking for signs month after month.

Early pregnancy symptoms can easily be confused for menstrual symptoms. They are very similar, but there are little differences you can look out for.

External Changes

1. Skin

Most women experience some skin issues pre and during their menstrual cycle, but the type of breakouts that many women experience when they are pregnant are usually very different from what they would deal with normally. For example, before my menstrual cycle, I will usually get a pimple or two either on my chin or somewhere in the t-zone. I never break out on my cheeks, ever! Well, every single time I've been pregnant, I've experienced little breakouts all over my cheeks (not typical for me). Look out for this sign in very early pregnancy!

2. Breasts

With all three of my pregnancies, way before I ever took a pregnancy test, my boobs felt noticeably different. They became harder and felt more full and sensitive and just different. Another more visible change is darker areolas. Yep, all of a sudden it appears as if your areolas got a nice little suntan. Mine have luckily always reversed back to their normal shade after pregnancy.

Internal Changes

3. Heightened Senses

Another common symptom is a change of taste in your mouth. This is a gross symptom that not all women experience, but I have with all three of my pregnancies. Some say it's a similar taste to having a nickel in your mouth…I know, disgusting. I just know for me all of a sudden all of my favorite foods start to taste different and digest differently too.

Women may also experience a stronger sense of smell. You may be able to tell what someone ate just from their breath, or whiff out pet odors or poopy diapers from the other side of the house.

4. Nausea

Ironically accompanying the strong sense of smell is the nausea kicking in. I experienced nausea beginning at about week 9 with all three of my pregnancies. I never physically threw up in any of my pregnancies, but it’s almost worse that I’d walk around nauseated ALL day, especially in the evening. For me, most of the nausea goes away when I hit the second trimester.

5. Fatigue

You may experience extreme fatigue and tiredness. When you find yourself yawning throughout the day, at all times of the day...and you just want to lay down. Growing a person takes a lot of energy, especially in the first trimester!

6. Congestion

When I’m pregnant, my nose is constantly stuffy, especially in the mornings. I think it’s due to swelling in the inner nose. Everything seems to swell when you’re pregnant, so it’s not surprising when things get extra clogged up.

7. Heartburn

You may begin experiencing heartburn, although for some this doesn’t occur until the second or third trimester. It’s often associated with when your baby starts to grow hair in late pregnancy, but in the first trimester it’s caused by hormones preparing your body to fit your growing little one.

These hormones also may lead to bloating, though that’s a very common menstrual symptom, so it's one to keep an eye out for along with the other symptoms that are more usual in pregnancy.

8. Loss of Bladder Control

As you say hello to all these new ailments, you can say goodbye to bladder control! Yes, peeing a lot happens early in pregnancy. You'll notice you are running to the toilet often. Yet another side effect of making room for that baby to grow!

9. Emotions

Similar to PMS (though usually more extreme), you may have heightened emotions in early pregnancy. I suddenly find myself crying at lyrics of a song I’ve listened to a million times, or while I hug my little one… things that don’t usually make me cry will have me in tears. That’s when I’ve known something’s up, haha!

Knowing Your Body

Although a lot of these symptoms are common in pregnancy, no two people are alike! It’s important to know your body and what is or is not normal for you. Only then will you notice the changes in your health, physical body, or emotional state that may point to a new pregnancy.


Mamas, what symptoms clued you in that you were pregnant? Any I didn’t mention here? Tell me about it in the comments!

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