Exploring Beyond Motherhood With Naza Holliman

Exploring Beyond Motherhood With Naza Holliman

Happy #MomBossMonday! Today I'm excited to talk with Naza Holliman, mama of Princeton and Skyler (4 & 2) and owner of Holliman Marketing, creator of Sweet P and Sky blog, founder of SPS Playdates and founder of LA Mommy Blogger Tribe.

An adventurous mama before her boys, Naza, felt isolated and lonely after the birth of her first son. She was so in love with her new baby boy, but she desperately needed some adult interaction.. don’t we all.

Babyland, as I used to call it, was great, but I needed to network and I needed to get out!
— Naza Holliman

After her husband returned to work and the visitors stopped trickling in, Naza decided to start taking her son Princeton out to explore the world. This was something she loved doing before he was born so she figured.. why stop.

Naza took her son to every imaginable kid's event, the zoo, and museum openings. She made sure that she left the house and explored every day. And, as every new mama does, she filled the pages of her various personal social media accounts with pictures of her baby and their adventures.

I wanted so badly to let them know that life did not have to end, just because of motherhood.

After the birth of her second baby boy, Naza went back to work part time. She loved her employer, but quickly realized she didn't want to spend time away from her precious boys.

She tapped into her network, made some calls, and was able to take on a few clients. It was then that Holliman Marketing was born!

Soon after, she began her blog Sweet P and Sky. It started out as a passion project encouraging mamas to just get out and explore, but quickly turned into a real business. Sweet P and Sky is an outlet for Naza to share the fun adventures her family experiences.. and it's a unique advertising platform.


It’s About Balance

Motherhood has taught her that she is tough as nails. There have been moments where she felt like she needed to give up because she was exhausted, or sick, and no one was there to help.. but she knew she had to go on. She said that undeniable strength is definitely a side effect of motherhood.

Through pain, through sickness, through anything and everything, motherhood teaches you that there is no giving up, or giving in. There are no days off. The beautiful part, however, is that even in these moments, children bring us pure love.

To balance it all out Naza makes sure to get some "me time" in. She feels fab when she gets her hair and nails done or gets a facial. She gets massages too, but saves them for particularly rough days.

Her favorite self-care practice is getting away for a weekend with her hubby. She cherishes the time they get to spend together kidless just reconnecting and enjoying the person they fell in love with.

Find Your Tribe

Naza’s life is all about making connections. She helps businesses connect with clients and mamas connect with other mamas. She feels it comes from her own need to connect with people.

The LA Mommy Blogger Tribe is Naza’s newest venture. She hopes to grow this group of incredible women over the next few months. She plans on hosting monthly brunches, events, photo shoots, play dates and brainstorming sessions for these mamas.

Her advice to new mamas is to find a network of women who are in the same place in life as they are and go through it together.

Never stop enjoying the things you did before you had kids. Adjust, but don’t stop.

Naza has always been an explorer and a free spirit, in search of new experiences.  A lot has changed since she had her babies, but she has absolutely made it work for her.

Instead of traveling across oceans, she takes short trips away where she feels comfortable enough, that if something happened at home, she would be back in less than a day.

And... instead of going to a posh restaurant for lunch, she finds a restaurant that can accommodate her loud, energetic boys.. the patio is her best friend.

When she feels the need to see art, she takes her boys to museums that have areas designated for kids, as well as art for mama.. the Skirball Center is her fave.

I am now able to live my life just like I did before, it’s just adjusted a bit to accommodate my two little ones.

Mamas, what type of activities did you participate in pre-baby that you now include them in on?

Stay up to date with Naza by following @sweet.p.and.sky on Instagram.

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