Finding Balance with Candice Valdez

Finding Balance with Candice Valdez

For today’s #MomBossMonday I’m excited to be talking to the talented Candice Valdez, proud new mama to Enzo who’s 4 months old and Radio + TV host with Disney.

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When You Believe You Achieve

Candice always knew she wanted a career in the broadcasting field… she went to college and pursued a degree in Broadcast Communications. Throughout school, she made as many connections as she could to help propel her career because she knew how important it was. Through those connections, she was able to become part of a radio station’s promotion team as well as an intern in TV sports. From there she "paid her dues" as they say and worked her way up to her current position as national On-Air Talent with Disney… sounds like such a fun job.

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Finding a Balance

Candice recently returned to her job after maternity leave and is still getting the hang of having a good work-life balance, but has this piece of advice for new moms:

Finding balance is definitely a work in progress but for now, I think it is all about finding your tribe and remaining flexible in your expectations.
— Candice Valdez

She is also learning to say no more when it comes to prioritizing her time, but also find a balance that allows her to continue to grow in her career. Shout out to all of the mamas in the corporate world pursuing their personal, family, and career goals!

Speaking of goals…

Candice’s number 1 goal in the next few months is to focus on being present and living in the moment with her family. As a new parent, she has heard over and over how fast time flies and while she is cherishing every moment with her son as he is learning and growing she does wish the moments of exhaustion go by fast… don’t we all.

I would change a million extra diapers if I could have my sleep back!
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Another goal she has is to continue to have an impact on her community on a daily basis. Now that she’s a mom Candice sees how much motherhood influences her work because she has a unique opportunity to relate to both moms and tweens. She really enjoys helping them bond through her humor and delivery on air.

I am able to have a small impact every time I turn on the microphone. Entertainment, when used responsibly, can have an impact sometimes unseen, especially with younger audiences.

She also wants to continue to give her time to organizations like "Disney VoluntEars," LA's Best and City of Hope.

Listen to Your Needs

Candice’s experience as a new mother has been much more emotional than she ever dreamed after suffering a severe birth injury and it wasn’t the experience she’d hoped for. Coming home from the hospital unable to walk, use the stairs in her home or even carry her baby made for a difficult transition into motherhood. She’s still going through pelvic floor rehab but has seen a lot of progress since her son was born.

My advice to new moms is to remember to be kind to yourself, don’t be afraid to ask for help and don’t worry if you use your child’s burp cloth to wipe some of your own tears sometimes.
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Candice also feels that new moms need to find time to be social with or without their baby. It’s one of the things that she’s doing to help find herself after having her son.

Another thing she is doing is listening to her self-care needs. She enjoys meditation, the occasional pedicure, and just going outside and being in nature.

The Future Awaits

As her journey of the land of mom unfolds Candice is most excited that she has the chance to shape the future by raising a good human who can change the world! We’re so excited to see your baby boy grow into an amazing little man! He’s lucky to have a mama like you.

Mamas, let us know how you are balancing being a mama with the other roles you carry in life and if you need a little support… us moms have to stick together!

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