Keepin' it Real Posh with Fiona Sahakian

Keepin' it Real Posh with Fiona Sahakian

Fiona Sahakian is a posh mama to two little peanuts, Dante and Danika, and I’m pleased to feature her this week on the blog! During her pregnancy, she left her career as an acclaimed hairstylist to pursue her newest passion—handmade children’s clothing and accessories that you couldn’t find anywhere else. What started as an Etsy shop has since grown into the ultra-chic, fashion-forward children’s boutique Posh Peanut.


As if the journey of pregnancy to motherhood isn’t trying enough, Fiona entered this milestone during the recession of 2010. People were cutting expenses to make ends meet, and hair styling was seen as an unneeded luxury. Suddenly backed into a corner, Fiona embraced the changes, opened an eCommerce shop, and started making bows, dresses, and uniquely girl items.   

Motherhood has influenced every aspect of my company. Growing my brand is a direct reflection of the journey with my own kids.
— Fiona Sahakian, Founder of Posh Peanut

It’s important to Fiona that her styles are not only cutting edge and forward-thinking, but that they’re practical. When she creates new designs for Posh Peanut, she considers everything from how it will wash to how the materials feel on your child’s sensitive skin to the ease of getting your peanut dressed—for those who know the struggle of wrestling a sweater onto a busy baby.


When I asked Fiona how she balanced work life and mamahood, she immediately exclaimed, “with a lot of help!” Sometimes, as moms, we don’t want to ask for help, so it’s refreshingly honest to hear that it’s OK to ask for and receive help. Posh Peanut has grown to the point that Fiona’s husband was able to leave his corporate job in 2016 so they can continue the adventure of growing the business together while spending as much time as possible with their kids.

“I take one day at a time, set a schedule, and try not to feel the work mom guilt as I believe kids learn by example. Once I pick them up from school, I make it a point to give them 100% of my attention until bedtime and then hop back onto whatever I was working on. I hope my kids will one day look back and see that maybe I wasn’t present at every practice or dance class but I was shattering glass ceilings for a better future for them.”

Teaching my kids about life, how to become a good human, and seeing them learn and grow into tiny humans is the best part of motherhood.

I asked Fiona to think back to those early newborn days—her children are now 7 and 4—and here’s what she had to share:

What was your experience as a new mother like? Was it everything you had hoped and imagined it would be?

"I was the first one in my circle to get pregnant and NO ONE tells you about the sleepless nights. I love to sleep! They tell you children are the most rewarding experience of your life, but they never say how hard it is. I think when you have newborns you think it’s the end of the world and if they weren’t so cute you probably wouldn’t have any more… but now that I’m in the grade school phase, I look back and miss the baby days. It really wasn’t as hard as it seemed. A child’s love is everything you wanted in life but never knew you were missing!"

What steps did you take to find yourself again after the births of your children?

"Working made me find myself again. It really was my breaking point after children. Although I love my children to death, I think every mom needs to do something for herself and take a break from mom life from time to time. For me, that was building a business from the ground up."

How do you practice self-care?

"If and when I have time to care for myself I love going to local Korean scrub spas. I recently started taking Pilates three times a week, and honestly just having time to myself for twenty minutes a day is self care for me.

I truly believe women need to take breaks from mom life and do something positive for themselves whether it be gym, work or just getting away from the everyday routine. It makes you a better person for your children.

Fiona was refreshingly honest when I asked her to share a piece of advice for new moms. She mentioned everything from, 'Don’t be a Google mom, listen to your peers!” to “Never feel guilty for the decisions you make for your family.'"


Through her creativity and hard work, Fiona founded and built a family business (and a mini empire!) that touches followers from all over the world. I just love the fact that she wants to set an example of how hard work and perseverance can pay off for her kids through what’s she’s built in her business and how she juggles work and mom life every day.

She’s also graciously offered Land of Mom readers a 15% off promo code LANDOFMOM15 so you can get your little love something sweet from Posh Peanut. Note: Promotion expires on October 31, 2017.

Do you believe it’s important for your kids to see you working at something outside of being a mom? Share your thoughts in comments.

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