Fun & Educational Summer Activities for your Toddler  in LA

Fun & Educational Summer Activities for your Toddler in LA

Brothers Ryan and Leo playing with newborn baby brother Max on bed. These toddlers and baby are sons of El Abad, founder of Land of Mom.

Summer is a great time for your child’s growth and development! As a mama of two toddlers ages 2 and 4, I’m thinking a lot about the different activity opportunities for my boys this summer. Especially with a newborn in the home, I want to make sure my older boys are still receiving stimulating entertainment and fun education opportunities instead of just staring at screens... though I'm not opposed to letting them watch their favorite TV show or a movie once in a while. They have preschool year-round, but I want to supplement with other activities to keep them busy and active in healthy ways.

As I’ve been thinking about all the possibilities this summer holds for my Ryan and Leo, I decided to share with you some of these amazing finds in the LA area. Even if you’re not in LA, some of these may exist in your area as well or have something similar, so keep reading, mama!

El Abad’s oldest son, Ryan, smiling. Land of Mom.
El Abad’s sons Ryan (4 years old) and Leo (2 years old) playing with balloons. Land of Mom.

Note: This article may contain affiliate links, but I never promote anything I don’t believe in and wouldn’t use or attend myself!


Pedalheads camps offer adventurous trail rides for more experienced little bike riders, as pictures here.

Pedalheads is an up and coming summer camp opportunity in the LA area! They have locations in 45 cities and have taught over 300,000 kids throughout the US and Canada. West-side mamas, take note! Their LA locations are perfect for you. I’m really excited to check this out when my littles are a bit older.

What is it?

A male Pedalheads instructor helping a young girl wearing a pink kitten helment learn to ride her bicycle.
Female Pedalheads instructor in green tshirt helping a young boy with glasses learn to ride his bicycle.

Pedalheads’ learn-to-ride bike program is best known for helping kids ages 3 through 12 get off training wheels and safely ride on the road. Their program includes: 

  • A progression of six instructional levels for you to choose from, 

  • Three-hour half-day camps, 

  • Seven-hour all-day camps, 

  • Private lessons, and 

  • Before and after care options. 

Kids get lots of time on their bikes learning and playing games, navigating obstacle courses, and challenging themselves with a variety of activities in a safe environment. Kids also take bathroom, snack, and water breaks to ensure they stay hydrated and engaged.

The when & where

Children pushing Pedalheads instructors on bicycles, laughing as they race during this fun camp event.

Pedalheads camps are happening right now through August 12! Enter your location and age group info. here to find out when camps are happening for your little ones closest to you. Here are the specifics of the LA locations:

  • West Hollywood - Rosewood Avenue Elementary

  • West LA - St. Sebastian

  • Manhattan Beach - Manhattan Beach Middle School

Swim Lessons with Waterworks

Especially when you live in California, swim lessons are an absolute must! Ryan took swim lessons last summer, but since we just have a hot tub and not a full pool, he’s due for a refresher course. It’s always important to refresh when your little one isn’t swimming regularly. This year I’m really excited to take both of my boys to Waterworks in Pasadena for swim lessons starting next week!

This will be Leo’s first time training and learning to swim, so I’m excited to see how he does. I’m hoping to have both my boys swim trained by the end of this summer. I’ll let you know how it goes!

The Tutoring Agency

The Tutoring Agency is an in-home tutoring agency started by two local gals to come alongside parents and create a learning environment that’s developmentally appropriate, engaging, and hands-on. With all the major intellectual, physical, social, and emotional changes our littles go through between the ages of 2 and 5, it’s so important to help them navigate these transitions by providing them with activities to help engage them along the way.

Their programs are primarily geared toward older kids like Ryan, with play-based learning for the younger ones such as Leo. I really love their approach of creating an individualized plan catered to the child’s specific needs! It’s a great supplement to summer school or just during summer break to keep minds working outside of the school setting.

I'm currently trying to figure out Ryan's new schedule, as he will be moving schools in August, and then I plan to work with the TA team to figure out a fun curriculum plan for Ryan. 

Martial Arts

I took my boys to Benjanian Martial Arts here in Glendale for a test run yesterday! I’ve heard so many good things about martial arts and this school specifically for a disciplinary type activity. My boys are so good, but even so, as you boy mamas probably know, little boys can tend to test the rules and boundaries, so this is a good age to seek support on this journey of raising good-mannered boys.

I’ve heard amazing things about the head instructor at the Glendale school, Manuk Lelikian, and how he’s really good at working with young kids. They don’t teach fighting - they teach self-defense, discipline, and respect for elders. They even have a Tiny Tigers program for ages 3 to 5, which will be perfect for my boys!

I'm definitely signing up Ryan for the summer, and will take Leo to one more test practice to determine if he will be joining his big brother this year or next when he's three and a little more focused to be able to take direction in class.

Soccer with Champions FA

I loved Champions FA’s soccer program for Ryan last summer, and am so excited for him to get back to it! Ryan's stoked to work with Coach Kegham and see his little soccer buddies again! Champions FA operates on the European philosophy, which is practice and skill-based rather than competitive when the players are under 8 years old. This is great for your older toddlers, starting around age 3.5. Leo will join, too, next year.

Ryan, son of Land of Mom founder El Abad, smiling and stretching his green and white striped polo shirt.

Family Fun Activities

In addition to all these active and educational opportunities catered directly to my toddler boys, I’m thinking of things we can do as a family with a newborn this summer. Some of my fave family spots include:

  1. Color Me Mine in Pasadena

    There's also a location in Montrose. This is one of those classic pottery painting studios, which is such a fun way to get creative and messy as a family and make unique keepsakes.

  2. Strawberry Picking at Underwood Farms

    My boys love picking (and eating!) fresh strawberries at Underwood Farms! It’s a fun opportunity to be outside and eat some yummy, healthy berries.

  3. Beach Days

    Even a day at the beach can be engaging and educational! You can count seashells, build sandcastles or do other kinetic activities, practice swimming, and teach little ones about keeping our oceans healthy and clean. We especially love Malibu, but Santa Monica, Newport and Laguna are also great options.

  4. Duff’s Cake Mix

    This is another fun, unique way to be creative as a family! This cake and cupcake decorating studio is a fun way to let your kids play with their food, and they even take reservations. This could be a really fun place for birthday parties or other celebrations! We went together as a family on Ryan's actual birthday this year and had a blast! The boys especially loved snacking on all the yummy toppings while they decorated their cakes.

  5. Hiking

    Like days at the beach, hiking is a great way to be out in nature, getting exercise, and to talk about the importance of caring for our planet while exploring LA. Our go-to hike is Solstice Canyon in Malibu, which is a great intermediate hike for the whole fam.

  6. Just Be Outside!

    With toddlers and a newborn babe, it won’t always be easy to get outside for longer, more strenuous activities like advanced hiking, so I plan on going out for nice walks and jogs too. We live close to Descanso Gardens in La Cañada, which is a beautiful spot for walks after breakfast at Maple.

    Another great option for a Sunday stroll or jog is the Rose Bowl, which also has a playground and the Kidspace Museum nearby!

What are some of your favorite supplemental activities to keep your preschoolers actively learning all summer long?

Fun and educational activities for toddlers and preschoolers, especially in Los Angeles, CA, by Land of Mom. Featuring Pedalheads, Waterworks Pasadena, The Tutoring Agency, Benjanian Martial Arts, and Champions FA.
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