Haely White: Don't Call Me (Just) Mommy

Haely White: Don't Call Me (Just) Mommy

I'm SO excited to share this edition of #MomBossMonday with you! Today I'm talking to the fab Haely White. This girl has so much going on. She's a mama to Carter who’s 2 plus she writes, directs, and stars in comedy for digital TV + film.

Haely’s first project started 6 years ago with her writing and comedy partner Megan Dizon. Together they co-founded Like Totally, a series for millennials. They also created the award-winning digital series DATED and have been making comedy shorts for like ever.

Last year Haely launched Don’t Call Me Mommy with Samantha Gutstadt and it's been a hit. Their content is for moms of all ages and stages and is hilarious yet informative. Mamas have grown to love them so much that they decided to create a new digital show called Sh*t No One Told You. They talk about the craziness that is motherhood in such a comical way. 

The last episode of Sh*t No One Told You airs tomorrow! It can be found streaming on mom.me.  


Haely hosted our first ever Happy Mom Conference too! She brought so much fun energy to the day! You can check out the event recap here.

From a young age

Haely's roots in the film industry go back to when she was just a kid. She remembers making "movies" with her dad growing up with a huuuge old video camera. Many times she would steal the camera and force her brother into being her co-star on talk shows, soap operas, you name it. The real turning moment came at college when Haely toured a college studio while they were making a student film.

I don’t think it had clicked for me that this was something you could actually major in. That same week I switched my major from Broadcast Journalism to Film and never looked back. And I can honestly say I’ve been making content since.
— Haely White

Haely definitely chose the right path. The combination of her passion for film and comedy are a perfect combination.

Like many of our Mom Bosses, motherhood has had a significant influence on Haely's work.

Haely said that being a mom forces you to really reevaluate your priorities. She used to wake up at a glorious 9AM and just kind of go through what she needed to do. Now, she’s a scheduling ninja and ends up getting more done now than before… it's like some sort of mom magic. She said it helps her realize what's important and what to let go.

"I think I naturally used to obsess over little work things and now I'm like eh, it's all good lets go get messy and enjoy the sunshine together. Everything else can wait."

Speaking about realizing what's important... Haely shares the truth about her work-life balance.

After she had her son, she found herself constantly overwhelmed and feeling like a victim when she was the one making her schedule. How about you mamas... I know I have felt that way a ton.

It’s hard to be mad at your boss when your boss is YOU.

She kept searching for balance as if it was some mythical secret only some women could find. Bad new... total balance is a myth. She realizes that It's never going to be perfect. It's about making the most of the time you have together and the space between.

There are weeks when I’m in production and I’m working crazy hours and missing my son. Then there are weeks when it slows down and I can focus more on home.

Haely’s the real deal…

She wasn't prepared for motherhood, let's face it how many of us really were? Anyway, Haely has great advice for new mamas.

There’s absolutely no way to be prepared for being a new mom. Everyone’s experience is so unique to them, there’s no way for anyone to really prepare you for such a life altering experience. I mean to see your baby come out of your body on a cord... sorry to say but we are aliens!

I do remember this moment when the doctors put Carter on my chest right after he was born. The light was shining into his eyes and he was crying. I immediately knew what was wrong and shielded his eyes. It was that moment that you realize you will never be the same because this little human is your priority forever... above all else.

Haely said that the first few months as a new mom were kind of a blackout. She knew that there would be struggles, but her biggest struggle was sleep deprivation.  

It kinda makes you feel like you’re losing your mind then suddenly they turn a corner, you get that shower and a martini, and you’re like okay okay, I can do this.

One thing that surprised her was that she didn't see much TV or comedy talking about the real sh*t that happens as a new mom. It became very clear that she needed to make a show that would laugh at the total chaos around being a new mom. Her first piece of advice for new moms is to watch her show, Sh*t No One Told You on Mom.me

Haely second piece of advice is to:

Find your support team— besties, mom tribe, family, etc— and ask for the help you need. I think so many women think we can just do it alone (and we do most of it) but having that support is literally everything.
ographr-7929 (1).jpg

She loves to make a little document to send to friends when they get pregnant. It contains all her favorite products, shit no one told me about the hospital stuff (cause WOW), postpartum help, etc.

Back to feeling like herself

After the birth of her son, she took lots and lots of baths. Some solo, some with her baby. She also got outside as much as possible.

Going for a walk forces you to put on pants and that’s a good thing.

She made sure to have time out of the house to get a massage and get her nails done. It may sound silly, but those little things made her feel put together, even if she wasn't. 

Around 6 weeks postpartum, Haely started going out again with friends and doing date nights. She said it was nice to put on makeup, dress up, and feel like she wasn't a whale anymore.

She also said that once she was done breastfeeding she used cannabis at night. She said it's something moms don't talk about a lot, but now that it's legal she wanted to go on record by saying how much it helped with her anxiety and mood. She said it's not for everyone, but it really did help her relax and get out of her head a bit.

Self-care is super important to Haely and we agree!

In the hustle and bustle of life, Haely had a baby then launched a business. It was an intense time for her.

In my search for new self-care rituals I recently discovered meditation and some spiritual work. I use the Headspace app which is great if you have ADD like me and your mind wants to wander one zillion places.

I’ve found an incredible sense of peace that comes with meditation, deep stretching, baths (did I mention I’m obsessed with baths?), and quiet time without your phone. Just putting your phone away for a few hours is really necessary.

Being a mom is one of Haely’s greatest accomplishments. She love that she gets a front row seat to the best show in town.

We get to watch this incredible human evolve right in front of our eyes. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t marvel at the fact we made this little magical being who walks and talks and says hilarious things. It’s total chaos and sometimes he refuses to wear pants, but there is absolutely nothing else like it.

I love waking up and kissing his little afro puff. I love playing little games with him as he squeals with laughter. I love showing him something new and watching his eyes widen with intrigue. There’s nothing better than experiencing the world through his point of view.

I asked Haely what she least enjoys about Motherhood because let’s face it, each of us has at least one thing we don’t like.

"Oh yeah girl, let’s get real. I miss sleep so much! I keep thinking it's going to go away and I'll get that nap and feel rested again, but it never does. Am I going to have dark circles forever?! Actually, don't answer that."


Haely’s got some BIG things coming up and we are ready to support her!

For Like Totally, she's developing a pilot presentation of a new half-hour comedy. They are filming a sample episode to shop around to networks. She's soooo excited because it's literally her dream show. She says, if you liked the sketch show, Inside Amy Schumer, you will hopefully love her show.

For Don't Call Me Mommy, they just edited their final episode of Sh*t No One Told You and are working on some exciting new brand collaborations for digital content. AND... they just shot a new sketch, Hot Dads Discipling, which will be coming out in a few weeks. Yes mamas, this one is for you.

Spread the laughter and joy… check out Haely’s latest episode of her new show, Sh*t No One Told You, on Mom.me and don’t forget to follow her on IG too @DontCallMeMommy.

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