Pursuing Her Happy with Annette Vartanian

Pursuing Her Happy with Annette Vartanian

You're in for such a treat for today's #MomBossMonday with none other than Annette Vartanian, a vintage guru who turns eBay finds into flawless glam and style.

She makes it look SO EASY, and I love that she shares her craft with her audience. (Her #31daysofjeans challenge on Instagram has given me more than a few ideas to dress up my favorite Levis!)

Without further ado, let's talk mom and shop with Annette: 

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In addition to being mama to Harlee Josephine, who will be celebrating her second birthday this month, Annette owns and manages not one, but two businesses!

A Vintage Splendor is a lifestyle blog that inspires and teaches how to shop vintage and integrate it flawlessly into your home and wardrobe to create your own unique style. Splendor Digital is a boutique agency that develops digital marketing strategies and branded content for fashion, food, beauty and lifestyle brands.

We love how both businesses came about organically for Annette. A Vintage Splendor started when she would get asked (multiple times a day!) where she bought something and for advice on styling a new look. And Splendor Digital came about from her professional experience in digital marketing and influencer campaigns.

"I wanted to document these things in an editorial way, but also offer guides to my readers. I've always been interested in marketing and creating content, so I would look for opportunities to create projects for myself at my jobs. This led me to DAILYLOOK where I ran all digital marketing and then Bloomingdales where I oversaw PR and Events in Los Angeles."

About 3 years ago, she knew it was time to go out on her own to focus on A Vintage Splendor and Splendor Digital. "I love both of my jobs and feel that they complement each other perfectly," she adds. 

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being a mom & a business owner

Annette is grateful for the opportunity to spend a lot of time with her daughter, especially as a business owner to two growing companies. 

She says that spending time with her daughter allows her to bring out her creative side, which is necessary for the types of campaigns she creates for clients and also for seeing the beauty and potential in her flea market and vintage shopping finds.

“I feel that I’m a better mom because I’m happy with the work I do.”
— Annette Vatanian

Balancing work and life as a mother

As any working mom knows, balancing work and life as a mother is a struggle. I asked Annettee to share how she does it, and she shared that she blocks out work-time and Harlee-time.

When Harlee is in daycare or with her nanny, I focus on work and get through my to-do list. I'm very rigid about it, but it also allows me to check out when I'm with Harlee. When it's our time together, I'm not on my phone, and I'm not worried about responding to emails; I just focus on that moment with her.

having the time to give back

Being a business owner offers Annette a lot of flexibility, not just to care for and enjoy her time with her daughter, but also to volunteer. She makes sure to carve out time in her schedule for a variety of organizations that are important to her, including Alliance of Moms, Assistance League, and Baby 2 Baby.

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One of the major themes behind the Happy Mom Conference is the lost sense of self many moms experience after baby is born. Whether it's during the newborn phase or a year later, whether it's your first baby or your last... it's a common experience among mothers, but it hardly ever gets talked about.

I asked Annette to share her experience as a new mom and how she re-discovered her sense of purpose and self after the birth of Harlee.

"I think getting back into work early and going on daily walks with Harlee were so important for me. I love my work so much and I'm proud of it, so it was nice to continue to grow my business while being a new mom."

She says that her mom gave her the best piece of advice and she doesn't hesitate to pass it on to new moms: "A happy mom is a good mom."

When Harlee was born, Annette says she "was head over heels in love with her and was so excited for motherhood." About a week later, she started missing her work, but feeling immense guilt if she checked her emails or dreamed up a new article while Harlee napped.

I never napped (like a new mom should—ha!) but I liked checking in with my clients, my blog, and just making some time for work overall. For me, I love fawning over my new baby, playing with her, and bonding with her, but while she napped I loved working and that's what made me happiest, so I embraced it. 

The other routine that helped Annette settle into her new life as a mom was to take Harlee for an afternoon stroll in her bassinet. "We'd go for leisurely walks in our neighborhood, and the fresh air would put me in such a great mood. It would give me time to just think about my goals or simply clear my mind."

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These days, with a wiggly nearly-two-year-old around, finding time for fresh air and clarity is more challenging. Annette keeps self-care in her routine by committing to her nightly beauty masks, and she also makes a point to go out for a blowout or mani-pedi monthly. One of her favorite routines, though, is to wake up just before Harlee to sneak in 15 minutes of meditation time before the day begins. 

“Motherhood isn’t a one-size fit all and it’s important to remember not be too hard on ourselves.”
— Annette Vartanian
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speaker announcement!

I'm SO excited to share that Annette Vartanian will be joining us on stage on Sunday, May 6th in Los Angeles for the Happy Mom Conference!

This is the premier event for moms who want to make space in their lives to pursue their passions... to start a new career, to open a shop, to grow their businesses to new heights, and to live their happiest life. 


Explore who you are now, and understand and accept that you may be on a totally different path in life after the birth of your children.

Get support as you are faced with a transition back to work after maternity leave, or as you consider a brand new career path as an entrepreneur.

Walk away from this event with tools and resources to be able to discover, embrace, and love who you are to live your happiest life, and feel fulfilled in all areas of your life: health, motherhood, career, love & marriage.

Isn't it time to invest in your happiness?


After heading public relations and digital marketing for brands like Bloomingdales and DAILYLOOK, Annette launched Splendor Digital, a boutique agency that develops digital marketing strategies and branded content for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands.

At the Happy Mom Conference, she'll share how to engage your brand's story through innovative strategies, authentic messaging and content, and the importance of knowing your analytics (all while juggling motherhood)!   

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