Leading a Healthy Kitchen with Catherine McCord

Leading a Healthy Kitchen with Catherine McCord

Motherhood is the toughest job, and it can be especially difficult getting our kids to eat happily and healthily. I have an active toddler who won’t sit still to eat a meal if his life depended on it! He’s just not interested and would rather play. Food isn’t even an afterthought for him.



I recently had the chance to chat with Catherine McCord, founder of weelicious.com, a resource for parents who are looking for simple, nutritious, and flavorful recipes for their families. Catherine is also the author of Weelicious, two cookbooks, and co-founder of One Potato.

Catherine—mama to Kenya (10), Chloe (8), and Gemma (2)—grew up passionate about food, especially how and why we choose what we eat and how it grows.

Discovering Catherine’s beautiful ‘snack boards’ on her Instagram page was game-changing for me. Now I arrange beautiful boards filled with healthy and vibrant fruits, vegetables, meats, and snacks, and eating has gone from necessary to fun. Then I learned of Catherine’s other amazing work, and now she’s full-on my woman crush, y’all!

I am seriously in awe how effortless she makes it look while she’s preparing these meals and smoothies for her little ones live on Instagram, but she shows you how to do it, too. (Now if only I could look as beautiful as she does while running on two hours of sleep!)

Like many of us, Catherine’s life changed with her first-born child. When she started feeding her son real food, she realized that, while she could make a 4-star gourmet meal as a chef, she had no idea how to make her baby a great eater from day one. Drawing upon her culinary school education and experience as a cook in restaurants and catering companies, Weelicious was born!

Today, Weelicious is a go-to website for families looking for fast, fresh, and easy mealtime ideas. Her second business, One Potato, is a meal-delivery service specifically focused on family-friendly recipes.

“My job is all about food and the process of cooking and feeding. With three meals and a snack or two a day, my job basically never ends.”
— Catherine McCord, Founder of Weelicious

I asked Catherine a bit about life as a business owner and a mother, here's what she said:

How do you balance your work life and motherhood?

"With 3 kids and 2 companies it’s not easy. I’m good at prioritizing, though. I try to work as diligently as possible to get things done as efficiently as possible, so I can spend more time playing with my kids."

What do you like most about being a mom?

“I love watching children grow through the stages of learning, processing information and understanding their surroundings. Children are magical creatures!”

Motherhood isn’t easy, what do you least enjoy about it?

“How fast it goes and all the guilt that goes with the role. Even when I’m doing my best it never quite feels like I’m doing enough.”

As a mom, it’s important to Catherine that her businesses give back to the community. Weelicious offers free recipes and cooking and feeding tips to people around the world. She’s grateful for her community and the opportunity to help families spend more time together around the dinner table.


We also talked a little bit about being a new mother, and how it changes your world and impacts your sense of self.

What was your experience as a new mother like? Was it everything you had hoped and imagined it would be?

“Each time I gave birth I thought I was starting all over again. You learn so much with each child, their unique personalities and the responsibility of nurturing and taking care of them mentally and physically. The greatest moments of my life have come with their three births and these experiences. I had Kenya in a hospital and Chloe and Gemma at home. Those magical moments are imprinted in my mind forever.”

What steps did you take to find yourself again after the birth of your children?

“I find that I’m still growing and learning about myself every day. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and that has come in part by them being in my life. I make time to have a date with my husband every Friday night and see my girlfriends as often as possible to make sure I’m in touch with my needs as well.”

Catherine freely admitted that her self-care has been “pretty lousy in the past few years” but she’s taking steps to get back into prioritizing herself. She starts her days with a nutrient-filled smoothie or parfait and recently started pilates again: “When I feel good, everything else seems to work out in my day as well.”

“Do one thing every day that you love—whether that’s taking a walk, calling a friend, or eating a scoop of ice cream. It will feed your soul and keep you going!”
— Catherine McCord on her best piece of advice for new moms

I love Catherine’s outlook and how everything starts with food! As the saying goes, “You are what you eat,” I agree. It definitely starts there. It’s all about getting to our happy place and it starts within. Eating properly creates for a healthy and happy mind, body, and soul. Love what you eat, love yourself! And the same goes for how we feed our babies and teach them young how to properly nourish themselves. Check out some of the delicious meals from Weelicious on Pinterest and get started.

If you’ve been putting off changing the way you and your family eat, I hope you’re inspired NOW and will take the necessary steps. Live your happiest life, mamas! It’s never too late to start on any kind of journey.

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