How I Found My First Partners and Collaborators

How I Found My First Partners and Collaborators

This week I want to bring it back to Happy Mom Conference Year 1 to share with you some of my first experiences with finding partnerships. I definitely could not have pulled the first year of the conference off without our incredible partners, and I even surprised myself a little bit that so many amazing brands were willing to sign on my first year out. This was the first time I was putting on the conference so they really had to believe in my mission and why I wanted to put this event for moms on, plus feel that some good was going to come out of it for their brand, of course.

Stay tuned to the end, because I’ve got something BIG put together just for you!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask!

The worst someone can say is no, and believe me, I got a lot of no’s when I reached out to potential partners for Happy Mom Conference Year One. But then I also got some amazing yes’s, and some of them ended up being longer term partners that worked with me on Happy Mom Conference Year Two and then here on my personal blog in some capacity! Kind Snacks and Penta Water were two amazing brands who believed in me year one and then signed on again to work with Happy Mom Conference Year Two. Suja was another brand I already loved who signed on to do the first conference. I love their drinks and their brand so that just felt so great to have them on board.

Keeping it Local

I also worked with a wonderful local LA artist named Jan McCarthy, who did our beautiful, simplistic, minimalistic, perfect-for-me backdrop for our stage that first year. She contributed that completely free of charge and put her artwork out there because it was a cause that she believed in. And in turn, she came on and was able to present some of her unique pieces in our Mother’s Marketplace that year.


Au Fudge, a beautiful local LA eatery for mamas and their little babes that sadly isn’t open anymore, provided lunches alongside Beaming, who ended up coming back for Year Two as well!

The Mamas Who Made it Happen

Since Happy Mom Conference is all about mamas, it was just so amazing to have so many amazing women on board helping to make the dream come alive!

Talin Hovnanian led us in a morning meditation, which kicked off the day beautifully. Suzie Moldavon, the founder of Flybrow, signed on completely not knowing who I was but believing in what we were going to do. I just emailed and reached out to her and she responded! So Flybrow came on with her to pamper all the moms at the conference which was great. Then Julia of Vessel Brooklyn did all the lovely gifts for our speakers, which we just could not have done year one with zero resources or budget without her!

We had a ton of amazing speakers sign on as well, even though again, it was only year one and they had no idea what this might turn into. Caitlin Crosby of the Giving Keys, for example, spoke and also brought her jewelry line to present in the Mother’s Marketplace. She’s a beautiful mama inside and out and it was so amazing to have her there!

Caitlin Crosby of the Giving Keys speaking at Happy Mom Conference Year One (2018)

How to Find the Right Partners


That first year would not have been possible without our partners! There just wasn’t the manpower or resources or money to put something like that on. This was a cause I believed in very passionately, so I was going to reach out to anybody and everybody.

Even though it couldn’t have happened without our amazing partners, Happy Mom Conference also would never have happened if I didn’t put myself out there and seek out the right partners for the event. So here are a few quick tips for getting started on finding the right partners for you:

  1. Always, always ask.

    Like I said before, the worst you can get is a no, and most of the time when I did get a no I was led to somebody else or a different brand who would sign on. And even no’s can sometimes turn into yes’s down the line!

  2. Know what You have to offer

    Why should they want to work with you? Have your pitch ready in a very sincere way to communicate your mission, don’t make it a sales pitch but be able to invoke why this brand or person should want to work with you.

  3. BE KIND!

    Genuine realness and authenticity will get you far, and always lead with kindness no matter what! Always present yourself in the best light because you never know who’s connected with who in the small business world, especially now with social media and anything that involves bloggers and influencers. I always say kindness first no matter what, even if you get pushback or some people don’t want to help at all or are even negative. Be kind to others and be kind to yourself, because that really makes a difference at the end.

My Free Collaboration guide

These tips are just a few of the things I’ve learned through these years of collaboration and partnership in pursuit of Happy Mom Conference and my blog! I’ve actually created a guide giving more in-depth tips on finding partners and collaborators, plus a worksheet for tracking your outreach, and I want to give it to you completely free, mama! Click below to get yours!

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