How Motherhood Changed My Beauty Routine

How Motherhood Changed My Beauty Routine

Fun fact: In my college years, I worked behind the counter as a beauty advisor for brands like Nars, Laura Mercier, and Chanel… and I wore makeup every day! It was my job to look put together. Now as a mama, I'm a hot mess most days haha, but my boys don't judge me and they love me anyway!

Working in beauty as a young woman was one of the best experiences I've had. I feel, it taught me the dos and don'ts of makeup early on, so I MOSTLY avoided a horrific makeup phase in my life... well, minus my gangster girl makeup days in junior high ha! While I worked in beauty, I learned how to apply makeup from some of the industry's leading professionals, and I still appreciate and use everything that I've learned.


So what's changed?

I'm a mom. I'm a mom who has little time left for a lot of the indulgences I enjoyed before becoming a mom. Like really, I had zero right to complain about not having enough time for things before having babies. I look back and I'm like, wow I could have accomplished so much more with all of that time I had haha!

Even though I worked full time and went to school full time starting in college continuing through grad school... I had time. Back then, I thought I was busy… now, I’m busy. Everyone tells you to travel and do a bunch of things on your bucket list before you have kids, and it never really sticks until you have kids and realize what everyone was trying to tell you.

My everyday makeup

Back to what I planned on talking about: makeup and glam. Like I said, I used to wear makeup daily…  to school, work, and out with friends. During the week, I almost never do, and then on weekends I'll typically apply minimal makeup for a natural no makeup, makeup look. My faves to achieve this look are my:

If I have a special occasion I'll apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, contour, and blush. It's fun to be able to use my old skills from my makeup days every once in a while. But, when I want to get real fancy, I make an appointment with my go to makeup artist here in LA, Linh Tran. Fun fact #2: Linh and I actually worked together behind the counter in my beauty industry days.

Skin is always in

I'm obsessed with my skin care products now! In the last four years, I was either pregnant or breastfeeding and all of the changes in hormones did a number on my skin. I don't think my skin and hair are anything like they used to be before kids. I used to have normal to oily skin, now I'm applying oils to my skin.

I finally found some products I love for my skin, all thanks to my fave facialist in LA Erin Hollis at Lifted Skin!

Here’s my go-to list:

I'm also loving my jade facial roller to massage in my oil / moisturizer combo at nights. I love to store it in the fridge for a super cool application.

And then there's a product I'm looking forward to trying and cannot wait to incorporate into my routine: the Maelove Glow Maker! I've read and heard amazing things, and the vitamin c product I used on my skin for years prior to babies no longer works for me.


Hair is everything

Since we're talking beauty, we can't forget about hair. Good hair days are the best days! Am I right?! I can have the perfect outfit on and beautiful makeup, but if my hair isn't sitting right, I will not feel good. Hair is everything. I just want to mention a few products I'm loving right now:

I should also mention my hair type is thick and course... in case you’re considering any of these products for yourself... and my amazing hair stylists: Rita Lowery for color and Nick Flores for cut!

Invest in YOU

Just because you’re a mama doesn’t mean you don’t get to pamper yourself… and by pamper I mean invest in quality products and services for your skin and hair, don’t just grab what’s on sale at the grocery store or go to the cheapest salon. Take the time to find the products that work best for you… it’ll be better for you in the long run and you’ll be happier knowing your taking care of YOU!

Let us know in the comments what your go-to beauty products are now as a mama.

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