#MomBossMonday with Jennifer Williams of Pop Physique

#MomBossMonday with Jennifer Williams of Pop Physique

Today for #MomBossMonday, we’re featuring Jennifer Williams, the woman behind Pop Physique—the ONLY workout that got my butt (literally) back in shape after two pregnancies. With my background in dance, I feel like I could hang with this lady boss at the barre every day!

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Jennifer’s motherhood journey is unique in that she’s mom to four: two teenagers, a six-year-old and a three-year-old. The gap between her older and younger kids has definitely given her a special perspective on motherhood.


Jennifer is a former professional ballet dancer who became a Pilates Instructor after the birth of her older children, Théadora (17) and Liam (14). In 2008, she and her husband opened the first Pop Physique studio, combining art with fitness to create a ballet barre group exercise class.

When it comes to work, Jennifer claims that motherhood makes her very efficient with her time. It also gives her the appreciation for the flexibility to make it to special days at school or stay home when someone is feeling under the weather.

We also talked a bit about balancing her business, life, and family with four children. “It isn’t easy,” she says, “but it can be done!”

Her daily routine includes driving the kids to school, picking them up, and eating dinner together every night. On Sundays, they cook together all day, which shows them the value of working together and preparing for the week ahead. As a mom, Jennifer loves the close relationship with each of her kids, watching them grow, and experiencing their joy.


One unique challenge for Jennifer is the age gap between her children. “We have two sets of kids,” she explains. “We had our first daughter and son when we were very young. We didn't have very much money and life felt quite challenging.”

In 2008, they started Pop Physique, and after building a fulfilling business and life, they decided they wanted more kids. “My kids are now 17, 14, 6, and 3.5, so we have problems of all kinds and sizes in our house!”

I do college applications with my oldest daughter, watch history documentaries with my older son, make lots of food for my youngest daughter and play puzzles with the youngest. The older kids help so much. They all really get along very well, which helps me balance it all.
— Jennifer Williams of Pop Physique

With such a busy home and a booming business, Jennifer admitted that self-care time can be difficult to prioritize. She likes to unwind with a relaxing bath, the latest from Netflix, and practicing French.


Stepping back in time to when she first became a mom, Jennifer reveals how hard it was at 22, facing judgment by everyone older and more experienced. “Even though I was young, I really embraced the experience and was so happy to care for her and watch her grow.”

She also reflects back on being in “a bit of a rush” to get to the “next” phase or milestone with her kids. It’s given her the perspective to intentionally step back and enjoy the moment and the pace that her younger children are in instead of rushing it to see what’s next.  

Follow your intuition. Don’t read any or too many parenting books. Just spend as much time as you can enjoying the stage your baby or child is in… they will move past that stage so soon, you’ll wonder why you spent so much time studying it instead of living it.
— Jennifer's advice for new moms

We also asked Jennifer if she felt a loss of self after becoming a mom, as so many of us do. She freely admits that she didn’t quite know who she was for a while: “It took a while to find myself again. I spent most of my time since I was very young in ballet and in that world. I didn’t quite know who I was without ballet.”

Once she discovered teaching ballet and Pilates—and later combine the two into Pop Physique—it gave her a connection back to the world outside of being a mom. 

Pop Physique has a dozen locations throughout California and New York City, and they just opened their first Canadian location in Toronto. If there isn't a location near you, you can purchase DVDs to check out the dynamic home version of their workout. 

I am so thankful for Jennifer openly and honestly sharing a peek behind-the-scenes of what motherhood looks like for her. I especially loved her journey about finding a connection to the world outside of being a mom. 

Is there a way you can invite your old life into your new life to reconnect to the world? Join us in the Happy Mom Tribe, a safe space to discuss the feeling of losing (and rediscovering) your sense of self.

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