LA Baby Show 2018: Our Favorite Finds

LA Baby Show 2018: Our Favorite Finds


In November I attended the 3rd annual LA Baby Show in Los Angeles, CA. There were over 150 top pregnancy, baby, toddler, and family brands from all over the world! Everyone came together to help make shopping for your baby so much easier. It was one of the largest baby shows in the country with over 3,000 families in attendance.

It was even more exciting this year since we will be expecting our little blessing in May 2019! I definitely got a good start on a must-haves list for this little one. It’s crazy how many amazing products I’ve discovered since Ryan and Leo were born… some old and new loves made my list this year!

Please note, some of the brands below are featured sponsors and some of the links are affiliate links, but the opinions expressed are entirely my own. I'd recommend these products to you anyway!

Baby & Toddler Products Mamas Will Love!

Mabel’s Labels: Everything Labels for Kid Stuff

Leo will be on his way to preschool soon which reminded me that we will have to pretty much label everything he brings with him to school with his name. We turned to the best when it was time to label it all for big brother Ryan! Mabel’s Labels are so cute and adorable and look so much better than plain old masking tape stuck to your kid's things, haha. They’re also one of their most popular labels of all times.

A big plus is that they’re dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and waterproof! No more worrying about relabeling everything every time something is washed.

Something new with the brand that I’m excited to try are their peel and stick wall art! They’re super cute and perfect for nurseries, kid’s rooms, and playrooms. A huge plus is that they are easy to move around and won’t leave that yucky sticky residue on your walls.


People Toy Co: Fun & Educational Toys for Babies + Toddlers

I stopped on over to the People Toy Co booth to see what’s new with one of my fave toy lines. Their products are innovative and made to help little ones reach critical developmental milestones. With a new little guy on the way, it’s good to know I can turn to them to find toys that are appropriate for him as he grows.  

The People Toy Co is also a super environmentally conscious company, which I love. They make sure that every product made is baby safe… everything is free from harmful adhesives and paints.

Last year, my little lion was obsessed with their Mochi teether. It doesn’t surprise me that the products from their Mochi line are their best sellers. I was excited to learn they’ve also launched Mochi teething necklaces! A fun fact about their Mochi series is that they use a rice plastic technology taking sustainability to a whole new level. I can’t wait to introduce baby boy on the way to these products!

Mochi Teething Plate.jpg

Love to Dream™: Swaddle Up

Ever wonder why some babies just can’t stand having their arms wrapped against their bodies? Turns out it’s natural for babies to sleep with their arms up by their heads… who knew? I should have known… both Ryan and Leo hated being swaddled the traditional way. They always wanted their arms free.

Love to Dream has a different approach to swaddling and their Newborn to Toddler Sleep System helps your baby get better quality and longer sleep. Anything that makes sleeping better for baby gets an A+ in my book. I’m so glad I found this swaddle I’m definitely going to try out with baby boy #3!

Their product line is pretty impressive with big number of swaddles in different TOGs, colors, and patterns, but their most popular swaddle is the Swaddle Up Original from Stage 1. They are the only brand to offer a product that allows babies to sleep in a more natural position with their arms up… it makes it so much easier for them to self soothe by touching their face and suck on their little hands. Even though their arms are up the swaddle still fits snug to help your baby feel secure.

Stage 2 offers a transitional swaddle with detachable “wings” (Swaddle UP 50/50) for when baby is showing signs of rolling over. The most adorable Sleep Suits are to be found in Stage 3 of the sleep system, also perfect for toddlers up to around 2 years of age.


Kabrita Goat Milk Formula: Gentle on Tiny Tummies

Not all mamas are able to breastfeed and some babies just have a very sensitive tummy… that’s when Kabrita comes in! This goat milk formula is something to keep in mind for when your little one is done with breastfeeding or if you want to use an infant formula.

What I’ve learned is that cow milk can be difficult for some babies to digest because the protein forms a large curd in the stomach. This can cause symptoms for some babies such as digestive + stomach issues, chronic nasal or chest congestion, eczema, and recurrent ear infections.

Goat milk forms a smaller and softer curd in the tummy, is much gentle,r and is broken down faster. I love knowing there is an alternative out there for those who need it.

Both of my boys were breastfed beyond a year and when it was time to introduce a non human milk, they just didn't take to anything other than almond milk. They hated cow milk. They’ve mostly gotten their calcium from cheese, yogurt, and lots of green veggies, but I'm always looking for ways to up the nutrients in their diet.

I recently introduced the boys to Kabrita goat milk formula by incorporating it into their fruit and veggie smoothies and they just love it! I tried to hide whole cow milk in their smoothies before and they caught the taste quickly, gagged, and tossed the smoothies aside. Kabrita has a mild, sweet taste and they enjoyed their smoothies like always.

I also add it to my smoothies now since I don't drink whole cow milk and I love the taste. I also love knowing the added nutritional benefits the boys and I are getting from Kabrita (like DHA and prebiotic GOS).

I find it’s also the closest in taste to breast milk than any other milk for my fellow breastfeeding mamas who are looking for a milk to introduce your little one to after breastfeeding.



Leo testing out his new uCarton booster while papa assembled.

Leo testing out his new uCarton booster while papa assembled.

Ryan being big brother Ryan.

Ryan being big brother Ryan.

Earlier this year (before LA Baby Show), I was introduced to uCarton's cardboard booster seat and had the unique opportunity to try the product before it even hit the market. I love the concept and simple design of these chairs, and they're so fun for the child who sees them more as a toy than a traditional booster/high chair, which some kids (i.e. my boys) tend not to like.

The boosters are meant for children 12-36 months. They allow your child to join you in their own seat at the dinner table making the whole meal experience a lot more fun and interactive for the whole family. They're also super fun and simple to assemble. It’s a fun activity for the parent and child... perfect for helping develop those fine and gross motor skills.

I had the honor to do a meet & greet at the uCarton booth with owner Francesco at this year’s LA Baby Show! It was pretty cool to help represent an up and coming brand that I believe in. I just love how they use a simple, but versatile material to make such a beautiful product… you know me, I love simple, stylish, and sleek. Not to mention they are very eco-conscious… they go through great measures to assure each part of the manufacturing process is safe and sustainable.

Mamas, if you love trying the latest and greatest environmentally and child friendly products then you need to check out this chair. I can’t wait to see what other innovative products uCarton comes out with next! 

03. Shooting _ RIALZOO - TUOO.jpg
11. Shooting _ RIALZOO - TUOO.jpg

Bamboobies: Breastfeeding Essentials for Mamas

Mamas if you plan on breastfeeding then you def need to get yourself some Bamboobies… they are the! If you haven’t heard of them before then I’ll fill you in, they’re ultra-soft soothing bamboo rayon velour washable nursing pads, but not the boring old ones you’ve seen before. They’re super thin + soft, absorb like crazy, you can’t see them through your bra, and they’re essential if you’re nursing! The outer milk-proof liner helps prevent embarrassing leaks.

I used them during both of my breastfeeding journeys. They're so much gentler on the skin and when rubbing against baby's skin than the throw away nursing pads. They're super easy to throw in the wash and reuse which is so much better for the environment.

They’ve even expanded their product line to include apparel and breastfeeding care products. I’m def gonna get myself some boob-ease to use while I breastfeed baby #3. It’s their non-toxic, certified organic nipple balm that keeps nipples feeling soft and supple… no mama wants to suffer from sore and cracked nipples.


UPPAbaby: Stylish & Sleek Baby Gear

If you’ve read my blogs about travel and getting around with babies and toddlers, than you already know I’m a big fan of UPPAbaby strollers! I even attended and exclusive launch event for their MINU stroller back in June.

I have been a forever lover of UPPAbaby and own many of their amazing products including:

AND I can’t wait to configure my new stroller system that will allow me to get around with a new baby, 3 1/2 and 2 year old… I’ll be adding a skateboard attachment for Ryan to the two seat VISTA stroller. I’m so excited to finally get this for my big boy Ryan who would much rather be out of the stroller at this age anyway.


Once Upon a Farm: Baby Food as Fresh as It Gets

All of us mamas love to make fresh foods for our kids, of course. I did a lot of steaming of veggies and blending of foods with Ryan and Leo when they were babies. But, I also loved knowing I could rely on store bought ready to eat pouches that would be healthy and safe for my little ones for busier days and days when I’m on the go.

Once Upon a Farm is located and sources all of their produce from California which is pretty awesome. Jennifer Garner is actually the co-founder and she shares a pretty cool story about how the farm got start here.

The pouches are pediatrician recommended, made from organic fruits & veggies, and cold-pressed to preserve the most nutrients... those shelf-stable pouches ain't got nothin’ on the cold pressed refrigerated ones, haha! I love that these are made with such fresh ingredients, herbs and spices to develop your little one’s palate.

I’m excited to give these foods a try with my new little guy when he’s ready for solids when I don’t have time for all of the shopping + chopping and mixing + measuring!

P.S. It was pretty exciting to see Jennifer Garner representing Once Upon a Farm at the Baby Show.


Stokke Sleepi™ Crib: The Crib That Grows With Your Baby

I’ve fallen in love with Stokke’s Sleepi™ Crib. It has such a simple timeless feel, but it’s also safe and practical too. It’s an oval crib that creates a nest feel for your baby and can grow with your child for up to 10 years! Stokke prides themselves on creating products that help bring children closer to their parents. 

I love that you can start out with the crib at your bedside when baby is first born and move it to the nursery when it’s time. You can even buy a canopy which can help seamlessly transition your baby to sleep… it’s also super cute and dreamy looking, the perfect addition to any nursery.


WaterWipes: The Safest Baby Wipe Out There

When it comes to taking care of delicate newborn (and toddler) skin WaterWipes are a must have. They’re safe, gentle, and the purest wipe out there… the only ingredients are water and fruit extract. I love that there are no yucky unpronounceable ingredients.

I brought them to the hospital when both boys were born and they’ll be in my hospital bag for baby boy #3 as well!


I Can’t Wait Until Next Year!

I had such a great time at the LA Baby Show this year. It is such a family-centered event and every brand that is represented truly cares about meeting their customer’s needs. I have had so much fun over the years learning about all the new products out there and sharing my favorites with you and I can’t wait until next year!

What product, of the ones that I mentioned, are you most excited to try?

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