Laughs, Camera, Action with Samantha Gutstadt

Laughs, Camera, Action with Samantha Gutstadt

Photography: @ographr

Photography: @ographr

Happy #MomBossMonday! Today I'm excited to talk with Samantha Gutstadt, talented mama of Ryder and Asher (5 ½ & 3 ½)—who somehow manages to, along with mom’ing, create hilarious content, act, produce, write and give back to her community.

Not only does she make it look easy, she makes us laugh…out loud, while doing it.

An actress since she was five, Samantha’s path took a slight turn once she had a baby.

“Being a new mom was nothing like I expected and everything and more than I had hoped.”
— Samantha Gutstadt

Samantha’s focus had shifted. Her everyday life of being a mom started to inspire new (and incredible) content. “I wanted to write about my experiences, and share and celebrate motherhood and all the struggles and joy it brings.”

Samantha embraced this change—and ran with it. Her two brands SamSoMuch and Don’tCallMeMommy provide moms (of all ages and stages) with informative, energetic and FUNNY content. Samantha recently sold a show to with her partner Haely White, who was also the incredible host of our 2018 Happy Mom Conference! These brilliant women also have two new episodes in the works! Plus, they just launched Sam+Haely, a brand that creates content for other brands.

And to top it all off, Samantha was just featured in Forbes. Amazing!


I asked Samantha how she balances work and life, and her response is so real and relatable. She finds it a constant balancing act. “Some days are better than others. I try to go with the flow and take deep breaths on the harder days. I also really try to practice self-care.”

Speaking of self-care… Samantha treats herself to a guilt-free manicure or massage at the end of each week. She also has a nightly ritual of a warm bath and essential oils. She makes sure to pamper herself daily. Samantha works out too, which makes her feel incredible.



Samantha's response made my heart melt.

“The love. The kisses and cuddles. The pride I get seeing my boys grow and become these amazing little people. Oh, the morning cuddles. I’d have a million babies just for that.”

And on the flip side, Samantha could do without the tantrums, discipline and the sleepless nights. How we all can relate!



I asked Samantha to share some of the steps she took on her journey to finding herself after the birth of her children.

“I took time, when I could, to do the things that made me ME! Like working, hiking, reading, meeting girlfriends for a glass of wine. Just finding moments to still have my identity.”

Also, the best advice Samantha received was to get a babysitter on Saturday nights. She and her husband spend this time connecting and hanging out like they did pre-kiddos.


Even with Samantha’s 24/7 schedule, she finds time to give back to her community. Samantha volunteers with Alliance of Moms, The OPCC and more. She also mentors up-and-coming school graduates who strive to work in the entertainment industry. Plus, she hopes to one day gift her services to brands that make a difference in the world.



To help get through those sleepless nights and not-so-amazing new mom moments, Samantha repeated these powerful phrases to herself.

You’ve got this.
Every day is a new day. 

You do. And it is.

Did any mantras get you through tough times? Share with other mamas by commenting below.

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