Making a Difference with Danielle Estrada

Making a Difference with Danielle Estrada

This week's Mom Boss is Danielle Estrada, owner and founder of Olivia + Ocean, a boutique swimwear label with a mission beyond their beautiful products.

I'm inspired by Danielle's work on so many levels, and I know you will be, too.

From starting a business (with her brother!) shortly after having a baby to donating a portion of all proceeds (from the very first sale!) to committing to using local resources and materials (and paying a living wage!)... she's been able to seamlessly weave a message into her products.

And, she's on a new mission to change the ick feeling of the post-baby-bod swimsuit. 

Keep reading, because this mama is revolutionizing our mama community, and you can help!

"We believe in bare feet, sand castles, and sunshine. Summertime is the best time of year.”

Olivia + Ocean’s swimwear is rooted in nostalgia for childhood summers because, for our little ones, these are their "good old days". What started as a child swimwear line has now extended to mom, too, because a comfortable and confident mom is a happy mom.

“I wanted to create an elevated line of swimwear for moms that care about contributing to small businesses and their local communities. Naturally, it has evolved into designing swimwear for moms as well. We really need some love in the swimsuit department! That’s why I’m so excited to share the Mom Bod line of swimwear that puts mom’s post-baby body needs first!”

Danielle is currently on a mission to redefine the “mom swimsuit” and spread body positivity among the Mom community. That’s why she designed the first swimsuit for moms that is modern, stylish, and functional… and there’s even matching mini outfits for your littles!

Every Mom Bod needs this swimsuit!

Her Kickstarter for the Mom Bod One Piece ends on Thursday! She’s only a few $$$ away from her goal, and I know so many mamas in this community who would love to rock this stylish and flattering swimsuit this summer.

And, as if that isn’t enough, a portion of each purchase from Olivia + Ocean is donated to, a non-profit with a mission to provide clean water to families around the world. The entire swimsuit line is also printed, manufactured, and hand finished right in Los Angeles by seamstresses who are paid a fair wage.

All of this adds up to a mission that I can get behind!


Living near Santa Monica, Danielle and her daughter, Olivia (3), spend a lot of time at the beach and in the pool. Early on, she realized that all of the swimsuits out there are neon colored and sold in big box stores that outsource their production overseas.

Like so many of our Mom Bosses, Danielle felt empowered by her new role as a mom. She had always dreamed of being an entrepreneur, and she knew that there was no time like the present. Her daughter gave her the drive to make it happen.

“Being a mom is my biggest motivator. I want to set an example for my daughter that hard work pays off and that there is power in being a woman. We are revolutionizing the workplace right now and it’s so exciting.”

Now, with a few years of experience, I asked Danielle to share a bit about how she manages work and life with a toddler. Her #1 tip was to unplug at home by putting away her phone and laptop somewhere where she can’t see it. “Out of sight is not always out of mind, but it provides a good barrier!”

While chatting, I couldn’t help but feel that Danielle approaches motherhood and business ownership with such a level head and realistic expectations. She talked about the pressure to be perfect at it all (curating a perfect Instagram feed while also having full control over your child at all times).

I have a toddler! She is pretty unpredictable and throws tantrums… I do my best to teach her the important lessons when it comes to behavior, but again, she is a TODDLER.
— Danielle Estrada of Olivia + Ocean

We also talked about being “more than just a mom”, one of our major themes of the Happy Mom Conference. Danielle stressed the importance of this messaging in our mom community, and how we need to find ways to prioritize ourselves and our goals:

“I am a Mother, but that is not all I am. I do my best not to lose myself in it. This means things like having a girl's night with my childless friends once a month or taking the time to keep up on new music that is released. These things become harder to do as a Mom!”

I wrapped up our discussion by asking Danielle for the one piece of advice she'd share with new moms. She talked about how being a mother was more intuitive than she ever imagined it would be: 

"I had never changed a diaper before Olivia. I never babysat other's children. I was so worried that I wouldn't know what to do...  but when the time came, it felt so natural. My advice to new and expecting moms would be that there is not one way to care for your child. Do what feels right and works best for you and your baby."

I know I mentioned it at the start of this feature, but I can't help but say it again. I love how Danielle has woven a cause into her brand, and it was such a pleasure to chat with her about motherhood and business.

Don't forget! The Mom Bod One Piece Kickstarter ends this week, and you can be one of the first to receive your own swimsuit if you pledge now. 

If you're looking for more inspiration and community, you'll want to check join me at the Happy Mom Conference on May 6, 2018, we'll gather to share our motherhood stories, learn better ways to balance career and family, and get inspired to take our Mom Boss aspirations further than ever.

This is the premier event for moms who want to make space in their lives to pursue their passions... to start a new career, to open a shop, to grow their businesses to new heights... to do the work that lights their souls on fire. And I want to see you there.

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