The Model Mama: Tara Turnure

The Model Mama: Tara Turnure

It’s #MomBossMonday and I'm so excited to feature Tara Turnure today! Tara wears many hats, she is a mama to Henry who’s two, model, TV host, actress, and most recently the founder of The Model Mama, a platform with a mission to empower women to be the best version of themselves.


The Model Mama offers style, sophistication, and positivity paired with humor, authenticity, and inspiration. It's a destination that shares about fashion, beauty, and healthy living plus real-life stories of motherhood. We're super excited to see where this new journey takes Tara!

I was recently featured on The Model Mama and it was such an honor to sit down with Tara for her new show! You can check out the article and our full interview here!

Prior to The Model Mama, and like so many of us mamas... Tara struggled to find her new identity after her son was born. She felt guilty for having personal goals and aspirations and hating her post-pregnancy body... and she felt so much pressure to stay home and just raise her baby. 


Tara shared with me how all of that lead her on a new path.

After two years of searching, I’ve yet to answer all my questions BUT I have come to a place where I’ve figured out a way to be both a MAMA and a MODEL - some days more gracefully than others. This pursuit is what inspired me to create The Model Mama. A platform that connects and empowers modern mamas, discusses the transition to motherhood, and encourages women to be the best version of themselves. My mission is to shed light on this journey we’re all on of finding balance, self-love, and conquering that “Mom Guilt”.
— Tara Turnure

Like many other mom bosses, motherhood has significantly influenced her work. Tara shares that motherhood is the root of her passion and purpose for her blog and new talk show.

I love being a Mama! It’s truthfully the hardest job in the world. However, it’s made me more present and purposeful in everything I do. Ever since becoming a mom my mantra is, “ to be present over perfect.” No matter what I’m doing, I aim to be fully present because after two years in (as a Mama) I know one thing for certain, it all goes way too fast!!!

Juggling motherhood and career isn't easy. I asked Tara to share how she achieves a work-life balance.

Tara's not afraid to admit it's a constant struggle! She says she’s either chasing her toddler around in workout clothes with no makeup on and food or something sticky on her shirt... OR she's glammed up running to a casting call or striking a pose on set. We feel ya girl! Our house is crazy pants too sometimes... heck, a lot of the time!

In the pursuit of balance in all of this, I’ve fallen in LOVE with Yoga which has taught me the importance of taking time to re-charge, to quiet my mind and re-center. In the midst of the beautiful chaos that is MOTHERHOOD, my natural tendency is to question everything. Instead of over-questioning, I choose to enjoy the journey and trust in myself.

The transition to motherhood can be difficult. As new moms we strive to get back to "normal" and Tara shares her experience with us.

I beat myself up thinking I wasn’t allowed to be frustrated. I should just be so grateful to have this perfectly healthy bundle of joy. The truth is, life doesn’t ever go back to normal. Instead, you have to create your “new normal.

She wants all mamas to know that they need to give themselves grace in transitioning into motherhood. Motherhood transformed her life, as it does for every new mom... she learned to accept and love the new version of herself after having a baby.

Motherhood is the wildest ride, but the sweetest journey! Be present and know you’re allowed to have good days and not so good days. Enjoy the messy, sleepless moments because they go by fast.

How she practices self-care

Every mama WILL find herself again after the birth of her child(ren). For Tara, practicing Yoga helped a lot. She also hired an amazing nutritionist & fitness coach who taught her how to eat right and love her post-baby body. You can read her full story here.

Nowadays, her self-care time consists of a good ol' mani-pedi because it always puts an extra pep in her step and instantly makes her feel more polished and put together.

She also schedules in alone time so she has a chance to re-charge, quiet her mind, and re-center.

It’s essential for me to wake up at least 30 mins before my son does so I can start the day with my gratitude journal, reading my daily devotional, and set my intentions for the day. This makes me feel like I’m starting the day with my best foot forward.

I asked Tara what she likes the most about being a mom.

The love I feel as result. I love how being a mom gives you an excuse to celebrate everything - all the little and big moments. Life as a parent is so much more FUN and meaningful. Being a mom has made me more grounded - my son has an instant re-centering effect on me. I can be all bent out of shape over something, like not booking a job or spilled milk... then my son gives me that smile, a huge hug, a big smooch or says, “I love you, Mommy,” and all of a sudden none of those things seem to matter as much anymore - I love that feeling! The love I feel as result.


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Congrats Tara! It was an honor to meet you in real life and be featured on your new show! You are so inspiring, all the best in your new journey.

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