Tips From Our Favorite Mom Bosses

Tips From Our Favorite Mom Bosses

Motherhood inevitably leads to big changes in all parts of life, especially when it comes to our careers and pursuing our passions. A lot of moms end up pivoting in their career or making changes to find something more motherhood-friendly. It’s all trying to find that balance of wanting to be a mom and raise our kids but also not wanting to give up on our dreams. But we are not alone on this journey of motherhood, and there are some amazing women out there who have gone before and figured out ways of making it work!

We had the honor of having some really amazing, inspiring mom bosses speak at Happy Mom Conference 2018 and 2019! As we’re planning the lineup for 2020, I’m reminiscing about some of the top moments from the event!

These mamas’ messages when they spoke at Happy Mom Conference were so big and valuable, I want you all to hear it! Stay tuned until the end where I share my own advice for any of you moms who are considering starting something new…

Katrina Scott

Photo Credit:  Guy Galstyan Photography

One half of the duo behind Tone It Up, Katrina Scott brought amazing energy and passion to her closing keynote at Happy Mom Conference 2019! She shared so personally from her own experience as a mama, and was so relatable with her message of mindfulness and body positivity, reminding us all that “it is ok to not fit into those jeans you wore before you became superwoman.” We love this so much!

Ali Landry

Photo Credit:  Elaine Lee Photography

Ali Landry is not only an actress and child safety advocate…she has also created her own lifestyle brand called RE/SHAPE; focused on health, wellness, fitness and beauty. Ali launched RE/SHAPE when she was going through her own struggle with some health challenges. She found that many women were dealing with thinning hair, digestion issues and brain fog just as she was. Ali created RE/SHAPE to curate the very best life giving products and resources to share with women across the country!

As our opening keynote speaker at Happy Mom Conference 2019, Ali inspired us all and reminded us that it’s never too late to reshape and pursue our dreams! Ali reminded us that we need to focus on our 4 sets of total health; Mind-set, Heart-set, Soul-set and Health-set to fully engage in our lives and become the best versions of ourselves. Her passion for supporting women to live with purpose and intention is so inspiring.

“It’s never too late to make a change, to pivot, to reshape an area of your life that you’re not satisfied with.”
— Ali Landry

Motherhood is actually a great time to start thinking about making a career shift, as your whole lifestyle is changing around your new (or not so new) little one. As Ali put it, “Be in the pursuit of the things that set your soul on fire,” because you are worthy!

Follow Ali on @ReshapeLive and to learn more about her personal selection of products, resources and specialists.

Kelly LeVeque

Photo Credit:  Guy Galstyan Photography

Celebrity nutritionist Kelly LeVeque provides practical approaches to getting your health on track, whether you’re pregnant, newly postpartum, or a mama of school-age kiddos! Along with her recently launched Be Well Blends nut butter line with Wild Friends Foods, Kelly is coming out with a video course, podcast, AND a new book this December! She sure is one busy mama!

Be well. Be beautiful. Be you.
— Kelly LeVeque

At Happy Mom Conference 2019, Kelly was very understanding and supportive of trying to balance the busy mom life with healthy habits. When we asked her for her advice on balancing motherhood, work, and health, Kelly said, “As long as you guard and protect your family time when you can, you won't feel guilty about needing to get back out there and hustle when that time comes.” So good, right?!

Lilit Caradanian

Photo Credit:  Mama Neila Photography

Lilit Caradanian was our opening keynote at the first ever Happy Mom Conference, and she was perfect for the role! Aside from being one of the top influencers of our time, this mama mogul is the founder of Elcie Cosmetics and Lilit’s Makeup Studio. In her talk, she encouraged us all to think about the best way to entwine our work and home lives in a way that works for us, instead of trying to follow someone else’s model for success.

When Lilit became pregnant and entered the motherhood world, she made a big shift in her business away from makeup artistry and toward education and training of others in the industry, as well as creating her own makeup line. She didn’t let becoming a mom stop her from pursuing her dreams - instead, she shifted her career in a direction that better suited her new life as a mom…and in turn, allowed her business to grow even more!

Lauren Gores Ireland

Lauren Gores Ireland was a panel speaker at the first Happy Mom Conference. She talked about the struggle to separate and balance work and motherhood, and how having her own separate, work-inspiring office space in the home has helped her to create that separation when the worlds of parenting and work inevitably collide.

It's also so inspiring how Lauren has taken her experiences as a mom to grow and inform her skincare and lifestyle brands Summer Fridays and You and Lu. Lauren is a perfect example that you can pursue your career dreams and be a mama at the same time!

Kimberly Snyder

Photo Credit:  Mama Neila Photography

Our second keynote speaker of Happy Mom Conference 2018, Kimberly Snyder closed out the day with some amazing advice on knowing and creating your brand as an entrepreneur! She said that the key to unlocking true success is embracing your own uniqueness and authenticity. Find who you are, and you’ll find your true mission and passion! As a bestselling NY Times author and the founder of Solluna, Kimberly definitely knows what she’s talking about as someone who has found success in her own business ventures!

Caitlin Crosby

Photo Credit:  Mama Neila Photography

Another one of the amazing mama panelists at Happy Mom Conference 2018, Caitlin Crosby shared a very relatable story about forgoing self-care shower time in order to give her baby some needed cuddle time. It was so nice to see the mama behind the mom boss with an amazing world-changer like Caitlin, whose business the Giving Keys is all about empowering those struggling to transition out of homelessness with career opportunities. Talk about a mama making change!

Liz Arch

Photo Credit:  Elaine Lee Photography

Liz Arch gave us some great advice on wellness and self-care at Happy Mom Conference 2019! As an author, yoga instructor under her own brand Primal Yoga®, co-host of the new podcast The Resilient Vagina, and mom, Liz definitely knows what it’s like to have a lot on your plate! It can be so hard for us mamas to find time for self-care, but it’s vital to give ourselves rest as moms and mompreneurs! Liz gave us some great breathing exercises, explaining, “One of the most powerful tools we have is our breath.” Everyone has enough time to take a minute, deep breathe, and re-center before moving on with their busy day. It’s easy to forget, but so important!

Try out this simple Belly Breathing technique to help calm your mind and ease stress and anxiety:

  1. If this is your first time practicing belly breathing, it can be helpful to lie down in order to find full expansion of your abdomen. Once you are able to feel the rise and fall of your abdomen on your back, you can practice this calming breathing technique sitting up.

  2. Close your mouth and being to breathe in and out slowly through your nose.

  3. Place one hand gently on your belly and feel your abdomen softly rising (you might imagine your belly inflating like a balloon) as you inhale and gently falling (naturally deflating) as you exhale.

  4. Take 5-10 deep cycles of belly breath and encourage your body to release any muscular tension as you slowly breathe in and out through your nose.

  5. As you get more comfortable with belly breathing, see if you can stretch out your exhalations, making them twice as long as your inhalations.

  6. Close your practice by sitting quietly for a few moments. Observe how you feel. Notice if any thoughts or sensations have shifted. Offer yourself gratitude for taking a few moments out of your day to practice self care.

Tylynn Nguyen

Mama mogul Tylynn Nguyen was an amazing addition to the Brand Founders panel at Happy Mom Conference 2019! After an extensive modeling career, Tylynn founded her own high-quality intimates brand, paving her own way in the fashion industry as a mom of three! She also recently started her own YouTube channel which takes you behind the scenes on her life with everything from fashion and beauty to marriage and motherhood! At the conference, she really highlighted the value of networking and using the connections you have, like she did seeking mentors when first starting out.

Susan Yara

Susan Yara is such an inspiration to the corporate woman considering entrepreneurship! She was so successful launching digital platforms for other media companies that she decided to start her own brand focusing on her passion for beauty: Mixed Makeup.

Susan is another amazing brand founder who didn’t follow someone else’s path to success. Instead of trying to fit a mold, Susan blended her knack for traditional media publications with the ever-popular influencer blog format and created her own niche!

Mara Martin

Photo Credit:  Elaine Lee Photography

If you haven’t yet heard of Mara Martin’s empowering, pro-breastfeeding moment on the runway, you need to! Yes, this amazing, career-driven mama breastfed her little one on the Sports Illustrated runway back in 2018. It’s been so inspiring to watch how she has used that platform to be a voice for mamas in the modeling and fashion industries, as well as sharing her story with us at Happy Mom Conference 2019! She will even be living her dream of walking a New York Fashion Week runway for the first time, and as a mom in her 30s too! As Mara put it, “If you ever need a reminder to not give up on your dreams, I hope this can be it!” She’s also working on finishing up her book, to be released in 2020.

I realized that this platform can be such a tool or resource and instead of using it to compare myself to someone else, I’m going to use it to empower others, to inspire, and to promote causes I am passionate about, and to build my brand.
— Mara Martin

Mara’s mom-centric perspective on her career is really beautiful. She shared with us, “One thing that helps me when I’m struggling is realizing that what I’m doing is for my daughter Aria. Whether it’s a long day at a shoot, or finishing up a chapter in my book, I am doing this for her. I want her to not only teach her values of becoming a kind, good person, but also be her example and show her what hard work is. I think it’s important to set an example for our children by showing them first hand.”

Sarah Hines of UPPABaby

Photo Credit:  Elaine Lee Photography

The 2019 Happy Mom Conference was presented by UPPAbaby, which is how I was first introduced to Sarah Hines. She was amazing not only as the spokeswoman for UPPAbaby at the event, but also as a speaker on our Mamas Making Change panel, sharing her own personal story in connection with the giving back mission of UPPAbaby.

I loved hearing her perspective on making positive changes in the motherhood arena as a full time working mama in the corporate world. So many of the speakers we have come at it from the entrepreneurial perspective, so hearing from a mama who works with such an amazing company in the corporate realm was such a good perspective!

Don’t Call Me Mommy

This hilarious duo comprised of Haely White and Sam Gutstadt has been with us since the very first Happy Mom Conference, and I just love having them there every year! From hosting to panel moderating to sharing their own insights as mompreneurs, these Mom Com queens are always up for a laugh or a thought-provoking moment, and their vision for empowering mamas and raising awareness about motherhood issues through their comedy is so amazing and unique!

“Failing is the result of experimenting”
— Haely White

Haely reminded us that you can’t just wait for success to fall in your lap. You have to work for it, mama! Pursue your goals. Make them reality. And if you fail, get back up and try again, bringing with you the lessons learned from that failure.

This October, Don't Call Me Mommy is launching their own variety talk show, Off Duty, on brand new platform, Tellie. They’ve also launched a fanny pack collection with designer Rachel Miriam called The Sisterhood Collection, their new column, Everything is Embarrassing, launches on Romper this fall, AND they will be releasing 10 episodes each quarter of their show Literally Obsessed on FabFitFun. There’s so much amazing Don’t Call Me Mommy content coming up for you to check out!

Dr. Deepika Chopra

Photo Credit:  Elaine Lee Photography

Dr. Deepika Chopra is best known as the OPTIMISM DOCTOR™️ & Visual Imagery Expert. Having her on the Self-Care Rituals panel at Happy Mom Conference 2019 was amazing! She had us all laughing and nodding in agreement when she encouraged us to “Pee first, the baby can wait.” Her perspective on making sure we as mamas are cared for and taking the me-time we need was so good for us boss mamas to hear, as it’s really easy for us to overcommit and lose track of ourselves in the process. Knowing what we should say “no” to is just as important as knowing what we should say “yes” to!

“RSVPing NO is a form of self-care.”
— Dr. Deepika Chopra

Deepika has created an amazing new resource called Things Are Looking Up, which is a set of cards created to inspire optimism through holistic, science-based, actionable encouragements. These cards are a great way to start thinking more intentionally about self-care and your attitude each day!

Here’s my advice…

Photo Credit:  Guy Galstyan Photography

Ask yourself… what are you good at doing? What is your skillset? Whether it was something you were good at before having kids or a passion you’ve recently discovered, what are the skills that you have honed that you can apply to something new that you want to do? These are the skills you should lean on as you pursue your passion!

“Lean on your background.”
— El Abad

In my case, my background is in entertainment marketing. My experience working at two major movie studios included creating marketing content to promote new films we were releasing, as well as doing a rotation in strategic partnerships. So when I decided to do something new and launch my blog, Land of Mom, I thought, “Hey, I created content to promote movies. Why can’t I create content and gear that towards moms and give voice to the causes that are relevant to modern moms like me?” So that’s what I did! And with my background in strategic partnerships, I was able to use my blog and social media to share the brands I love and eventually get noticed by some big brands in the motherhood space.

My strongest partnership with a brand to date would have to be with UPPAbaby! This is a brand that I’ve known and loved ever since I was pregnant with Ryan, my first baby, and it came full circle when they became the title sponsor for this year’s Happy Mom Conference.

Finding the Right Partnerships

Photo Credit:  Elaine Lee Photography

Working with UPPAbaby has been a dream! Why? It’s a brand that stands out in the market for creating incredible products, has wide reach, and the way they represent themselves as a company I absolutely love and respect. They also give back in a big way by donating millions of dollars in gear to families in need, plus supporting new charities each month that they believe in!

It’s not always easy to find people or brands who are right for you. I didn’t meet all these mom bosses or partner with UPPAbaby by chance…I had to network and collaborate in order to make these connections! Through Happy Mom Conference and all the #MomBossMondays these last few years, I’ve learned a lot about how to collaborate and network for success, and I want to share my best tips with you…so be on the lookout for more on that soon, along with more info. on Happy Mom Conference 2020!

Do you have any advice on balancing work, life, and motherhood to share? Leave your #1 tip with us in the comments!

Tips from Our Favorite Mom Bosses on balancing work and motherhood, featuring Katrina Scott of Tone It Up, Ali Landry of RE/SHAPE, Kelly LeVeque of Be Well By Kelly, Lilit Cardanian, Lauren Gores Ireland, Kimberly Snyder, Caitlin Crosby or the Giving Keys, Susan Yara of Mixed Makeup, Sarah Hines of UPPABaby, Haely White and Sam Gutstadt of Don’t Call Me Mommy, Dr. Deepika Chopra, and El Abad of Land of Mom.
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