Positivity & Motherhood with Lauren Gores Ireland

Positivity & Motherhood with Lauren Gores Ireland

This week, I'm excited to be talking to Lauren Gores Ireland, mama to Evan (12 months) and the writer behind You & Lu, where she talks wellness, motherhood, style, and clean skin care. 

After trying hundreds of products on the market, Lauren co-founded Summer Fridays with Marianna Hewitt of Life With Me. Summer Fridays is a beauty product line focused on using good-for-you ingredients that leave you feeling confident in clear, beautiful skin.

Their first product, the Jet Lag Mask, is currently sold out on Sephora but they just replenished stock on their website, so you'll want to snag one before it sells out. 


Lauren initially started her career as a morning news anchor in Missouri, with her shift starting at 1 a.m. (So she was probably more prepared than most of us for those midnight baby wake-ups!) 

From there, she moved to LA and created online news videos for outlets like AOL, The Weather Channel and Mashable, while simultaneously starting to write personal stories on her blog.

Over time, the blog became such a passion of hers that she decided to turn it into a lifestyle website. The content has really evolved over the years, and it's always grown alongside her personal journey. The blog also led her to starting Summer Fridays alongside Marianna Hewitt, because they both felt there was a strong need for clean, cool, and effective skincare.


how motherhood influences her work

Naturally, the content Lauren creates for You & Lu follows her motherhood journey. Becoming a mom is such a big piece of the personal stories, favorite products, and can't-live-without mom hacks that are featured on both her website and Instagram.

Pregnancy also had a huge influence on launching the Summer Fridays skin care brand. 

"I was pregnant at the time we formulated Summer Fridays, so the products had to be really clean. My son became a big part of our skincare line — even before he arrived — because we made everything to be safe for mom and baby!"

Overall, though, motherhood allows Lauren to prioritize her work and stay focused on what's really important.

"It needs to be worthy of my time away from my boy," she says, "and I also want to create something he'll be really proud of someday." 

balancing work and life as a mom

Lauren admits that, like many (or all!) of us, she's still figuring out how to do it all. She's learned to be flexible as a mom, and trust that the process will constantly evolve.

She stresses that there is "no such thing as 'balance'."

At times, being a mother requires most of her time, and on other days, her business needs more attention. Most of all, she tries to be present with both her work and her role as a mother by giving herself the space and time to dedicate to each on any given day.

“The key is finding and accepting help you really trust. None of us can do it all alone — at least, not well.”
— Lauren Gores Ireland on balancing work, life, and motherhood

lauren's motherhood journey

I asked Lauren to reflect back to those early days of motherhood to share the experience with the expecting mothers in the Happy Mom Tribe. 

"Motherhood is magic. It sounds cliche, but it's the truth. Becoming a mother is certainly exhausting, and trying, and uncertain, but it's the most beautiful gift in life that I've received, and I'm forever grateful I get to do it." 

She believes positivity is one of the most important skills a new mom can practice:

"Even the hardest days are temporary — so when you're feeling frustrated, take a moment to reflect on how the toughness will pass, and how incredible it is that you were given the gift of raising a new soul."

Lauren also shared some of the downsides she had as a new mom, including feeling confined at home and a little lost and out of sync when reconciling her personal-self and her mom-self. 

"I never felt like I went anywhere, but I felt a shift in who I was becoming. I went through a phase of determining who I was alone, and who I was with my son. Now, a year in, it feels very much in unison. But there were some months where I was trying to figure it out."

Lauren believes in the importance of alone time for new moms — whether it's a workout, journaling, or grabbing a cup of coffee. She says her first solo work trip reminded her that, underneath it all, she was still "me."

Today, Lauren's self-care routine consists of 30-minutes of alone time a day. She also loves to run and attempts to squeeze in a few jogs each week. She's also completely on board with a bubble bath, a glass of wine, and a nice, relaxing face masking!

What she loves most about being a mom:

Seeing the world through her baby's eyes.

"Truly, that's the greatest joy of motherhood. You see the magic in feeling sand for the first time, or in putting your toes in the water, or in even something as silly as playing with wooden spoons. Simplicity is happiness when you are a child, and I love being reminded of that everyday."

What she could do without:

The mom guilt.

"As hard as a I try to let things go, I admittedly feel guilty at times — whether it's because I have to work, or I want to indulge in some alone time, or I have to leave for an overnight trip. I'm still really learning how to let go of the guilt."

Giving Back to the community

With both You & Lu and Summer Fridays, Lauren has found a really strong sense of community and inclusiveness.

"I am constantly interacting with people on social media, whether it be through sharing my own journey, or guiding them through theirs when they have questions." 

She aims to create a space that feels positive and health-driven, because we're all striving to be the best version of ourselves! Summer Fridays has further opened the door to interaction with fans and the community.

"We invited 50 people to both our NYC + LA launch events to chat with them personally about the brand, and how to really go after their career dreams in this digital world."

On a personal level, Lauren serves on the board of Learning Lab Ventures, which provides mentorship programs, tutoring, and year-long school supplies to at-risk youth in Los Angeles. Her sister founded the charity five years ago, and they've served tens of thousands of kids over the years.

on the horizon for Lauren

I asked Lauren to share one thing she's working toward in the next few months, because it's always important to have goals we're striving to achieve.

At the moment, she's excited about the growth of Summer Fridays as they work to develop more products based on what their fans are asking for.

In motherhood, her goal is to show her little boy the magic of summertime!

I want to dedicate a lot of time to swim lessons, trips to the ocean, and uninterrupted "us" time, because he's at an age where he can just begin to really enjoy this time of year.

In life, her goal is to become more relaxed with how to juggle everything. Life is constantly changing, and she feels like she needs to focus on letting things go that she cannot control and working on accepting that imbalance isn't a negative thing. 



You'll also be able to catch Lauren Gores Ireland at the Happy Mom Conference on Sunday, May 6th in Los Angeles where she'll be joining us on our entrepreneurship & career panel discussion! 

This is the premier event for moms who want to make space in their lives to pursue their passions... to start a new career, to open a shop, to grow their businesses to new heights, and to live their happiest life. 


Explore who you are now, and understand and accept that you may be on a totally different path in life after the birth of your children.

Get support as you are faced with a transition back to work after maternity leave, or as you consider a brand new career path as an entrepreneur.

Walk away from this event with tools and resources to be able to discover, embrace, and love who you are to live your happiest life, and feel fulfilled in all areas of your life: health, motherhood, career, love & marriage.

Isn't it time to invest in your happiness?

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