Getting Innovative with Natalie Feild of Softsie

Getting Innovative with Natalie Feild of Softsie

Today, I’m chatting with Natalie Feild, designer and owner of Softsie, who makes the most unbelievably soft infant and toddler clothes. The fabric is organically infused with aloe vera, jojoba oil and Vitamin E to gently nourish baby and protect babies of all skin types!

I just love everything behind the mission of Softsie, and I’m so excited to share Natalie’s journey with you today!


Natalie is mama to two girls, Abigail (3) and Taylor (17 months). When little Abigail was only 6 months old, she had extremely dry and irritated skin from eczema that turned into open sores and an infection.

The only advice from the doctor to prevent it from happening was to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. But poor baby kept getting open, weepy blotches behind her knees.

Natalie dreamed of an outfit that had lotion IN the fabric, to help keep her little girl soothed and moisturized throughout the day and night. With nothing like it on the market, she decided to create it herself!

Today, Softsie sells organic, made-in-the-USA baby and toddler clothes that come in modern, gender-neutral colors and prints.

“Every single thing I do is for my girls and for my family — and to have Softsie come from a challenge I faced as a new mom with my own baby, is so special to me. Now to be able to bring comfort to not only her, but my other daughter, and so many other little ones all over the world, is so rewarding and only fuels my passion to grow this business!”



On becoming a new mom

I asked Natalie to talk a little bit about when she became a new mom and what that experience was like. She told me about how she waited and struggled for so long to become pregnant with her first baby, so she appreciated and savored every single moment… from her birth to those sleepless newborn days to the threenager moments that she’s currently loving.

“And now that I have a second daughter, watching them interact and love on each other is the most amazing gift!”

As a mom who struggled with infertility, it’s really important to Natalie to give back in some way, or rather, pay it forward! A portion of sales through her business benefit the Pay it Forward Fertility Foundation, a nonprofit organization that offers grants to couples who otherwise would not be able to afford the treatments they need to start or grow their family.

“My husband and I struggled for over two years to conceive our first daughter and were fortunate enough at the time to be able to afford the services we needed. I hope that through the success of Softsie, I can help many couples achieve this dream!”

I asked Natalie what she dislikes most about motherhood and she admitted that her biggest challenge is delegating in business and in life.

“It’s tough, because as Moms, we just want to do everything ourselves to make sure it’s done right!”

She’s getting better and better at delegating as she gets more practice, and she thanks her mom for teaching her excellent time management, organizational, and multitasking skills. Most of all, though, she’s grateful for her friends and family who give her space, time, and ENCOURAGEMENT every day.

When I asked her to share her favorite part of being a mom, she responded:

“I love their love for me. And being needed and loved by them. I love watching them grow and learn the world around them. Every day there is something new and there is never a dull moment with my girls.
“Being a Mom is a very empowering thing. To know that you created these miracles and that they are yours FOREVER. There is nothing better!”
— Natalie Feild on her favorite part about being a mother

As a new mom, it’s often a very isolating and lonely place… particularly if you stay home for any extended amount of time. I asked Natalie to share how she re-discovered herself after becoming a mom and she said that Softsie was the catalyst for her revival after birth.

“My business gave me a renewed sense of creativity, drive and focus, that I think I lost a little bit after becoming a Mom.”

She says that working out and getting out of the house at least once a day really helped her, even if it was just a walk around the neighborhood or Target.

That habit has continued through today, where her #1 self-care practice is to get out of the house no matter what, even if it’s snowing, freezing, hot, raining buckets, or not. She believes it’s crucial to feeling mentally and physically good.

Natalie’s advice for new moms is to take help when it’s offered with a giant YES.

“And don't feel bad about it for one second. Because not only is it giving you a break, but it's giving your baby a chance to be around and become comfortable with other people. Which is so important and healthy for their development!”


Natalie is generously gifting our #HappyMomTribe with a 20% off coupon code for their entire Softsie order through the end of February. Just use the promo code MOMBOSS when you check out!

Isn't it amazing how creative us mothers can get when searching for solutions for our little ones? When it doesn't exist, mamas like Natalie make it happen! 

Want more inspiration like this? Join my #HappyMomTribe for giveaways, motivation, and a community of like-minded mamas. 

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