New Mama Essentials 2.0: New Additions!

New Mama Essentials 2.0: New Additions!

Credit: Kristine Ovsepyan Photography

Credit: Kristine Ovsepyan Photography

Right after Max was born, I shared my early postpartum story along with ten of the New Mama Essentials I couldn’t live without in those first weeks. Now that Max is two months old and I’ve had more time to adjust to my postpartum journey with this new babe, I have discovered even more amazing essentials that I want to share with you! Whether you’re nearing the end of your third trimester or are already a newly postpartum mama, these items are well worth stocking up on to make your transition to new motherhood a little easier.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, but as always, I never share anything I haven’t tried and loved!

Clothing Must-haves

1. Post-partum Leggings

Mamas, you need these BLANQI leggings! They’re especially great for nursing mamas as they sit high enough to provide full tummy coverage so you can just lift your shirt to nurse. They’re also just so comfy and kind to a body that just isn’t ready for jeans again yet. I also love Commando’s Perfect Control leggings for a slightly less high-waisted option.

2. Commando Seamless Hipster Panties

These panties are so soft and gentle “down there” after any kind of delivery to support you as you heal and recover. They’re a must for all postpartum mamas!

3. Comfy Kicks

Of all the shoes I love, these Adidas Slides are the best for postpartum mamas in the summer and especially in hot LA! They’re simple and chic, plus easy to slide on and off while toting around your new little one. My other go-tos are the Fila Disruptor II and Vans Old Skool sneakers.

4. Button-down Shirt

Especially as a breastfeeding mama, shirts that button-down easily like Madewell’s White Cotton Courier Shirt make for a much smoother postpartum journey with how often you end up feeding your little one. But even if you’re not nursing, this shirt has the softest fabrics and a chic loose fit that’s perfect for postpartum bodies. Another fave of mine is this Rachael Harrah Short Sleeve.

5. bodysuits or Tank Tops

This bodysuit is a great shape-wear option that’s still comfortable. You know I love bodysuits, and this one is definitely a fave! Stā Body designs their bodysuits specifically to address the problems other bodysuits and tank tops have, making it a great solution to both! But if you’re looking for something on the more basic side, you really can’t go wrong with these Zara tank tops.

6. Cozy Sweats

I’m loving these sweatpants by Nike lately, and this tie-dye Project Social T sweatshirt is on trend for summer!

Beauty Must-haves

1. Hot Tools curling wand

It can be hard to feel like yourself again right after having a baby. Your body looks and feels different, and you so rarely get to leave the house because your newborn needs you. I like to use my hot tools curling wand to give my hair a little pick-me-up and feel a little bit more put together.

2. J&D Wet Brush

During pregnancy, your hair gets extra nutrients from all the hormones that come with growing a baby, but after birth your hair loses all those strengthening hormones and becomes a lot more prone to breakage and falling out. This wet brush is designed specifically for combing your hair at its most fragile, making it ideal for postpartum hair care!

3. iS Clinical Cleansing Complex

Gone is that natural pregnancy glow (and hopefully those pregnancy breakouts too!), so it’s time to give your skin a little extra TLC. I love this cleanser for giving my skin a little refreshment before moisturizing.

4. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen

This sunscreen is a great product for sensitive postpartum skin. LA mamas - this is absolutely a must-have for getting out of the house with your little one…even if it’s just to the backyard haha.

Nutritional Necessities

1. Water

Especially if your breastfeeding, caring for a newborn is thirsty work! It’s so important to stay hydrated, and Penta water is my absolute fave.

2. Healthy Snacks

When you’re up in the night with your newborn, it can be hard to stay awake and find the extra energy for the extra awake hours. I like to keep these Kind Bars handy in my nightstand as a little treat for those sleepless nights. They’re also great on-the-go snacks to have in your purse or diaper bag.

3. Postnatal Vitamins

Just because you’ve had the baby doesn’t mean it’s time to stop taking your prenatal vitamins! It’s also good to introduce other fortifying vitamins like vitamin D3 and Fish Oil to increase energy and decrease your risk of baby blues

Breastfeeding Basics

1. Dairy Fairy Nursing Bras

Even if you aren’t nursing, these bras are amazing! They’re so beautiful and don’t feel like nursing bras. They just feel like real, high-quality, cute bras! The Ayla is a personal fave of mine that’s great for both nursing and pumping.

2. Bamboobies Nursing Pads

Leakage is just a natural side-effect of being a breastfeeding mama, but a soiled wardrobe doesn’t have to be! Reusable nursing pads like these make it easy to avoid excess mess without the waste of using disposables.

3. Haakaa Silicone Manual Breast Pump

I actually highlight this manual pump in my breastfeeding essentials blog, but it’s such a handy little tool for collecting all that extra milk that inevitably leaks out, I wanted to call it out here one more time!

Something to “Tote” it All Around in…

Being a mom comes with so much extra stuff to carry around with you! Our “Happy Mom” canvas totes are a simple, chic way to collect all that extra gear without having to use a big, bulky diaper bag every time you go out for a quick errand. It’s also great as a reusable grocery bag or to store in the diaper bag in case you unexpectedly need more space (trust me, mama, if it hasn’t happened to you yet…it will).

Mama, what are some of the products that have gotten you through those first few months postpartum?

El Abad’s “New Mama Essentials 2.0” features these new lately loving products: BLANQI nursing support leggings, Kind Minis Bars, iS Clinical Cleansing Complex, Hot Tools Curling Wand, J&D Detangler Wet Brush, and Adidas Adilette Slides for women | postpartum products | nursing mama must-haves | #landofmom #latelyloving #happymom #happymomtribe
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