Meet Max + 16 Newborn Essentials Every New Mama Should Have

Meet Max + 16 Newborn Essentials Every New Mama Should Have

Close-up of newborn baby lips by Kristine Ovsepyan Photography. Subject is El Abad of Land of Mom’s son Max Gharibian.

Earlier this week, Max had his newborn photos taken with the amazing Kristine Ovsepyan. I cannot recommend her enough as a newborn photographer - she is the baby whisperer! Kristine keeps things so calm for both baby and mama during the photoshoot and gets all the best shots. Being a mother herself, Kristine is so sensitive to the needs of both mama and baby during the process. This is our second time working with her, as she shot Leo’s newborn pics as well. I just knew I’d have to work with her again with Max, and I’m so glad I did!

Max’s newborn photoshoot experience

Sleeping naked newborn baby by Kristine Ovsepyan Photography. Subject is El Abad of Land of Mom’s son Max Gharibian.
Sleeping naked newborn baby by Kristine Ovsepyan Photography. Subject is El Abad of Land of Mom’s son Max Gharibian.

Max was the chillest during the entire shoot, almost too good to be true... and then, it was too good to be true haha. For the final shots of the day he peed on me, and it went all down my legs and everywhere, and then he took a dump in my hand as I was cupping his little booty. It was totally fine though, and made for good laughs to end the day!

As I’m adjusting to life with a newborn for the third time, I’m enjoying all of my favorite products for newborns once again. Over the last five years, I’ve gone through three pregnancies, three labors, and breastfed three beautiful boys. With that, I’ve been able to compile a list of my favorite essential items I think every new mama should have for her newborn:

Note: This article contains affiliate links, but I only recommend things I use and love myself.

Newborn Essentials

1. UPPAbaby gear

I cannot get enough of UPPAbaby’s amazing gear! A few favorites of mine include:

  • The MESA infant carseat, which remains top-rated in safety by maximizing ease of use to minimize error, allowing parents to move forward with confidence and security. All three of my boys came home from the hospital in their mesa, and it’s the car seat I trust for baby’s first year of life, or until they outgrow it.

  • The MINU stroller weighs in at under 15lbs for a compact, lightweight design that still offers modern conveniences. This is a newer UPPAbaby product and will be essential for me as a third time mama for those occasions where I want to run out of the house with just baby Max and don’t want to haul the bigger stroller.

  • The VISTA stroller is where it’s at for growing families! Its intuitive design has multiple configurations, making transporting a second and third child a breeze - all while strolling like a single. I had the VISTA for my first born, and later converted it to work for two. And I’m so excited, I just got my new VISTA in the new design, BRYCE, to be able to get around with my three little men. Ryan is going to be super stoked when he sees his piggyback skateboard - such a big boy now!

2. Paige Lauren Clothes

Sleeping newborn baby wearing Paige Lauren classic layette baby cap. Photo Credit: Kristine Ovsepyan Photography. Subject is El Abad of Land of Mom’s son Max Gharibian.
Close-up of newborn baby legs wearing Paige Lauren classic layette baby coverall. Photo Credit: Kristine Ovsepyan Photography. Subject is El Abad of Land of Mom’s son Max Gharibian.

Paige Lauren’s baby clothes are beautifully simple and elegant, relying on luxurious fabrics, fine tailoring, and subtle yet thoughtful details. My newest little guy wore Paige Lauren’s Layette baby cap and coverall for his hospital going-home outfit! I also love this converter, which can operate both as a romper with separate legs for playtime and then re-snap as a gown for cozy naps.

3. Boon Grass

Boon has some amazing products for feeding and bathing! Here are some of my favorites:

  • LAWN Countertop Drying Racks are perfect for holding all your bottle and pumping accessories while they dry after a fresh wash!

  • For mamas working or on the go, the TRIP is the perfect little system for washing and drying accessories when you need something more compact!

  • To expand your LAWN drying rack for even more space, add a TWIG to hang smaller parts and free up space below for the bigger pieces. For a more desert-style vibe, the POKE is another great option!

  • The 3-stage SOAK bathtub has an adjustable bump and contoured back, perfect for bathing your newborn! Max is loving it!

  • The GRIFFLE bath mat has a soft but textured surface and drain holes to expel water, plus built-in hooks for easy hang-drying. Got to be able to rest your tired mama legs!

4. Waterwipes

WaterWipes are pure, gentle, and safe for the most sensitive skin! They use as few ingredients as possible and a technical process to make these wipes as gentle as they are effective. It’s the only baby wipe I’ve ever used!

5. Bambo nature diapers

Bambo Nature diapers are safe, super absorbent, and eco-friendly! They are gentle and natural,  and I credit NO diaper rash issues in large part to these diapers !

6. Snuggle me Organic Lounger

The SnuggleMe Organic Lounger is new to me with this baby, and I’m loving it! It’s designed to contour and hug your baby and help them feel warm and snuggled. Max loves lounging in it in the different rooms of the house while mama tends to the older boys and chores and things!

7. Aden and Anais bamboo swaddles

These Aden and Anais bamboo swaddle blankets are so soft and breathable! Their stretchy material and large size make swaddling a breeze, plus they make great tummy time blankets, burp cloths, and even nursing covers! I prefer a traditional swaddle blanket over any of the other swaddling contraptions, especially for baby’s first three months of life. After that, I get baby into a sleep sack with his arms free.

8. Naturepedic Organic mattress

Naturepedic’s organic crib mattress is nice and firm for safe sleeping. The one I have converts from infant to toddler, and has been passed down from Ryan to Leo to Max. Love a good durable product with a long life!

9. Comotomo bottles

I love Comotomo baby bottles for their breastfeeding-friendly design, although I won’t introduce a bottle until little Max is about a month old. These are the best bottles for breastfed babes!

10. Haakaa manual hand pump

The Haakaa Manual Breast Pump is made with 100% food grade silicone, completely safe for contact with baby’s milk! It’s so light and compact, perfect for on-the-go or those quick pumps to relieve pressure if needed. I love how I never lose any milk with this product… I hold it to the opposite breast from where I’m feeding and it catches all the leaky milk which I’m able to bottle up and keep for feedings. It’s really nice for a mama like me who prefers not to use the electric pump unless I have to.

11. Molekule Air Purifier

The Molekule Air Purifier doesn’t just collect pollutants on a filter - it actually destroys pollutants at a molecular level to prevent them from re-entering your baby’s atmosphere! I’ve shared we have some construction happening at home, and regardless, I want the air as clean as possible for my newest little guy… especially with his big brothers bringing home all of the preschool germs.

12. Aquaphor Healing Ointment

This is the best diaper rash ointment ever! I apply to my babe’s booty at every diaper change.

13. California Baby Shampoo

California Baby’s Sensitive Skin Shampoo & Body Wash for is so gentle for my little ones! It’s ideal for anyone with dry or eczema-prone skin, and especially for those newborns whose bodies are still adjusting to everything in the world.

14. Kushies Newborn Socks

Kushies Newborn Terry Socks are the only socks that truly snuggly fit newborn feet and don’t come off easily!

15. Burt’s bees organic onesies

My babies basically live in a onesie and get swaddled their first few months of life. It’s truly the only real clothing item you NEED to start, and these 100% organic cotton onesies by Burt’s Bees are my fave!

16. Fridababy Snipper Clipper

This nail trimmer is the best ever! SO easy to use and we all know cutting baby nails is terrifying and nerve-wracking. It has a patented safety spy hole to let you see exactly what you’re cutting, eliminating the risk of cutting your little one’s sensitive skin.

Naked sleeping newborn baby by Kristine Ovsepyan Photography. Subject is El Abad of Land of Mom’s son Max Gharibian.

Preparing for your Newborn

Life with a newborn can be made easier with the right products to support you in the fourth trimester. There are so many changes happening at once, and you should be able to focus on your new little one without worrying about the quality or safety of the products you use for them, which is why I wanted to share with you my own experience with newborn products of all kinds! I also have some amazing breastfeeding recommendations to make your journey in the newborn stage even easier.

You can find most of these products on Amazon, which is the perfect place to create your baby registry because they have everything you need, making it so easy for your loved ones to spoil your little one on the way!

Close-up of newborn baby’s hands by Kristine Ovsepyan Photography. Subject is El Abad of Land of Mom’s son Max Gharibian.

Mamas, is there anything I missed that you absolutely could not live without for your newborn?

“16 Newborn Essentials Every New Mama Should Have” by Land of Mom, featuring must-have products from UPPAbaby, Paige Lauren, Boon Grass, Waterwipes, Bambo Nature, Snuggle Me Organic, Aden + Anais, Naturepedic, Comotomo, Haakaa, Molekule, Aquaphor, California Baby, Kushies, Burt’s Bees, and Fridababy. Photos of El Abad’s baby boy Max taken by Kristine Ovsepyan Photography. #landofmom #newbornessentials #happymom #happymomtribe
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