Our Newest Favorites: Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Our Newest Favorites: Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers

The boys are growing SO FAST, and they aren't just outgrowing their pajamas, either. It's a good thing Santa (and grandma!) brought new toys in the last few months, because as the boys grow up, we've had to say goodbye to some favorite toys to make room for new ones.

Since it's been a while since I've shared some of our favorite toys with you, I thought I'd make a quick round-up of the things Ryan (2.5) has been enjoying over the last few months.


Our favorite Toys for toddlers & preschoolers

The Energy burners

1. Toddler Trampoline

We're big fans of this Little Tikes Trampoline for Ryan. It's perfect for burning off energy when we're stuck indoors for the day, and we feel safer about having a trampoline because of the safety handle bar. (Dad is also a big fan because it was super quick and easy to assemble.)

The only downside for us is that little Leo (11 months) is very curious and keeps trying to climb itโ€”and big boy Ryan (2.5) doesn't always pay attention to where his little brother is before jumping.


2. Tricycle

Santa brought Ryan a Schwinn Roadster Tricycle. He's still learning how to use it properly, but the quality is amazing, and we know that he'll have a blast riding around as soon as he gets the mechanics down. (Schwinn also has a toddler balance bike if you'd like to skip the tricycle and go straight to the bicycle.) 


Toys for Quiet Time

1. Play-Doh

Although I'm not the biggest fan of the mess it makes (seriously, how does it seem to get EVERYWHERE?), Play-Doh is one of our favorite quiet time activities when baby brother is occupied with a nap or a playmate. 

It's such a blast to see his imagination at work as he creates cars, birds, and pizza pies. He loves using the tools in this set to manipulate the doh into all sorts of funky shapes and textures.

2. Elephant & Piggie Books

I know a book isn't technically a toy, but we have so much fun laughing with Elephant & Piggie, that I can't possibly leave it off this list! Not only will these stories by Mo Willems make your preschooler laugh, but they also sneak in everyday lessons on being a good friend. The short phrases and funny illustrations are great for the beginning reader, too. 

3. Mr. Potato Head

It's kind of crazy that Mr. Potato Head is still so popular this many years later, but it's perfect in its simplicity. It's just so much fun to put on crazy hats, attach an eye where an arm is supposed to go, and play with mustaches and funny lips.  


Collaborative Toys

1. Feed the Woozle

You may think your toddler is too young to play board games, but think again! Feed the Woozle is a silly family game that any child will have fun playing, and you can even shake up the rules to play an alternate version as your kid grows older. The premise of the game is to feed the woozle by filling your giant spoon with yucky pieces of food (big paper coins that say things like "smelly socks") and dumping the food into his mouth. It's a wonderful way to practice taking turns, working those motor skills, and spending time together as a family.

2. Duplo Blocks

I'm not sure which part is more fun for Ryanโ€”dumping his Duplo blocks into a big pile or building with them! My favorite part is watching his imagination run wild as we build airplanes, homes, towers, and all kinds of stuff. I also love that the bricks are big and safe for little brother Leo who has been teething hard these last few weeks.


Pretend & Make-Believe Toys

1. Tool Workbench

My boy is obsessed with tools! I mean, did you catch my recent Instastories with him and the Whirlpool repair guy at our home? Ryan had him show and explain almost every tool in his tool belt before he left our house. I wanted to give the poor guy a tip for entertaining my toddler after finishing his actual work. After that, we got Ryan this tool workbench by Black and Decker and he's been loving putting on his goggles and working on pretend projects that, feel like the real thing because the tools in the set are so authentic looking!

2. Grocery Shopping

Lately, Ryan has been my kitchen assistant while I make dinner, and it's spilled over into our pretend play, too. He loves to pretend to be a grocery store clerk selling me our Melissa and Doug fruits and vegetables. Lately, he's been playing "Toys R Us" clerk trying to sell me on a new toy!

3. Paw Patrol

If you have a 2-4 year old, you've likely heard of Paw Patrol once or twice... an hour... every day. Auntie brought Ryan a Paw Patrol Lookout Tower for Christmas and it has been such a great toy for him to let his imagination loose without my having to play with him the whole time.


4. Superheros

The boys love to wear matching Superman capes. Ryan runs around the room pretending to fly and "saving" his brother whenever I ask Leo to stop climbing something. We bought our superhero masks from Etsy seller Monichelle Designs who handmakes them from her home.

Did you notice the abrupt shift from baby toys to "big kid" toys like I did? It's so bittersweet, but we are loving the imagination play stage that we're currently in.

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