Spreading Happiness Through Handwriting with Maghon Taylor

Spreading Happiness Through Handwriting with Maghon Taylor

This week for #MomBossMonday, I'm talking to one of the happiest and most inspiring mamas around, Maghon Taylor.

Maghon is the "she" behind All She Wrote Notes, a calligraphy and hand lettering studio based out of Elon, North Carolina. Maghon says she is on a mission to spread happiness through her handwriting with her collection of gift items, calligraphy services and in-person workshops and events.


Maghon is a sweet Carolina girl who loves any reason to celebrate or make someone else feel special. She's also Mama to Vance, who is celebrating his first birthday this week!

An avid doodler and drawer from a very young age (she freely admits to writing notes in class because she enjoyed any excuse to write pretty letters), Maghon started her first business selling personalized stationery on eBay back in 2004.

As the face and brand behind All She Wrote Notes, Maghon has grown up with her business. Her customers have followed along on her journey from single home ownership, to engagement and marriage, to becoming a dog mama (@teddy_confetti_) and, in the past year, to becoming mama to baby Vance. 

In each of those seasons, Maghon would create heart-felt items that she wanted for herself, and they resonated with her customers who were going through similar life journeys of their own.

Motherhood has had the biggest impact on my business because it has helped me truly define my “why” and the heart behind everything I do.
— Maghon Taylor of All She Wrote Notes

Motherhood has taught Maghon a thing or two about balancing work and life, though she admits that sometimes she feels like she's nailing it while other times it totally escapes her. She feels that her overall work/life balance is much healthier now than it was before Vance.

"My only official work days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and we have childcare on those days so that I can be fully focused and present when I am in the studio. I teach classes and workshops on Thursday nights while Vance gets to spend quality time with my parents."

She rarely works on Fridays or Mondays and uses the time to focus on being in the moment with her family. She also weighs her options much more carefully now, and says "yes" to fewer opportunities.

"When you have to pay for childcare during the week, those opportunities need to at least be financially worth it to attend. As a people pleaser, it's been especially difficult to say 'no' but it's also for the best for my family right now."

With Vance's first birthday on the horizon, I asked Maghon about her experience as a new mom and if it lived up to her expectations. 

She admitted that she was very scared to become a mom.

Her business was her first baby, and she feared that she wouldn't be able to juggle both a business and a baby. She worried that being sleep deprived would steal her joy and she'd be a walking zombie who never smiled, laughed, or showered.

She also worried about her marriage with her middle-school sweetheart. It was perfect, and she worried that they would grow apart with a little one between them.

"The reality was way, way better than my fears! I couldn't have been more wrong. Vance is the light of my life. Everything I loved and enjoyed before is even more amazing with him by my side.
And my husband and I have only grown closer since Vance came into our lives. Seeing my sweetheart become "Dada" has been one of my favorite parts of motherhood."

When Maghon was pregnant, she HATED hearing people say, "You just wait!" because everything following it would be negative experiences and comments about caring for newborns and parenting children.

She felt like people didn't share enough of the happy moments, which ended up making her feel more anxious than she needed to be. So, she wrote a POSITIVE spin on those menacing words, and I would love for all future mamas to read it

You just wait until they lay a wiggly baby on your chest and you lock eyes with your spouse in complete awe.
— Maghon Taylor on "You Just Wait"

When I asked Maghon to share her favorite part of being a mom, she couldn't choose just one thing!

"Baby giggles, smiles, hearing Vance say 'Mama', watching my husband be 'Dada', how excited Vance is to see me, how much it makes me love my own mom... pretty much all of it!"

But we know that being a mom is not beautiful and easy 100% of the time. Maghon admits that arranging childcare is her least favorite piece of motherhood. Her husband works third-shift, and since she's often the only parent awake/present, she can't run off for a last-minute workout class or lunch date like she could before baby. 

She does find ways to practice self-care, though. Since her husband works at night, she's able to put Vance to bed and enjoy some quiet time to herself. She tries to avoid working on her business during that time, and instead chooses to read, practice yoga, journal, or pray. Often, she'll take the time for a long bubble bath, enjoy some TV, and paint her nails. 

Her business also helped her find her footing and reconnect with herself after having a baby. She admits that she felt more guilt than she expected over wanting to get back to work and letting someone else care for Vance, but that God sent her amazing help in the form of her family and friends.

I find that I am a much better Mom and wife, when I have a purpose of my own. I LOVE my business and it rarely ever feels like work.
— Maghon Taylor, on finding herself again after baby

Maghon is passionate about giving back and spreading happiness through All She Wrote Notes.

She donates the proceeds of at least one full class a year to a local charity, provides goodies for local silent auctions and raffle prizes, and speaks to budding entrepreneurs at her local co-working space and as a one-on-one mentor to other women growing their own businesses.

She also gives back to her local church and, this past year, donated a portion of revenue to St. Jude Children's Hospital.

Her goal for the year ahead is to be more present in her home.

"I'm traveling a lot for work between now and April, and I want to love Vance and Chris well and keep our home up in between trips. I want to be on my phone less and be more focused on the task at hand more, both when I'm working and when I'm not."

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Thank you, Maghon, for being sharing a glimpse of your first year of motherhood. We're so appreciative of your positive encouragement and outlook on being a mother, business owner, and active member of your community!

Mamas, did anything from Maghon resonate with you? I especially liked her honesty around "you just wait!" because it is a more difficult version of the helpful, well-intentioned advice we're used to encountering as new moms.  

P.S. Click the image below to get my "10 ways to happy" guide for new (and not-so-new) moms.

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