Stressed to Blessed with Angela Simson

Stressed to Blessed with Angela Simson


Happy #MomBossMonday! Today I'm excited to talk with Angela Simson, inspiring mama to Bo Lettie and Harper Rei (5 & 18 months), founder of The Gratitude Project, integrative nutritional health coach, writer, and happiness expert who guides women on their journey to making their lives more fulfilling.

As a happiness expert, Angela uses gratitude to see through stressful situations, but it wasn’t something that always came easy for her. It was on her way to a doctor’s appointment for Bo when she was an infant that things changed.

Her daughter hated the car and was crying non-stop. Angela pulled over to soothe her for the fourth time... she was full of frustration, her stress level was rising, and she was almost in tears. She allowed things to get out of control and she had reached her limit… or so she thought.

I made a decision then and there to stop choosing to focus on the discomfort and start focusing solely on gratitude.
— Angela Simson

As she got Bo out of the car she realized that some people would give anything to be in her situation and she was incredibly blessed. She was in her own car with her beautiful baby girl on her way to see a health care practitioner that she could easily afford… and that was the biggest stress that day.

That experience was life-changing for Angela... it was the beginning of her personal transformation and the creation of her business, The Gratitude Project, which gives women the tools to completely change their lives through small acts of gratitude, tweaks in nourishing their bodies and empowering them to create what they desire in their relationships, career, and personal lives.  


A Balancing Act

It took the creation of the Gratitude Project for Angela to find herself again. She was lost in mama mode and felt like her life was controlled by her daughter's schedule.

In the beginning, she was working an hour a day on her business while Bo slept, but the excitement she generated in that small amount of time lasted her all day and night. So many of us mamas can relate!

I had something that I was creating and it was just for me.

Now she spends her days working with other women to help them create something at home so that they can feel completely fulfilled. But... she intentionally blocks out me time to exercise, give thanks, and get out of her head and into her heart.

Even when life is crazy she makes sure she takes time out for herself and her family every day. When you become a mama you have to prioritize your happiness and health because it really does impact everyone in your home.


Embracing Motherhood

As a mama every day is different, some days are relaxed and some are a little more hectic. Angela shared something kinda funny, she once heard… “Motherhood is like riding a bike, but you're riding through a jungle and the bike is on fire and everyone is yelling.” It’s something that is chaotic, beautiful, and calming all at once.

Drop the pressure, don’t give a damn what anyone thinks or says about your parenting and have fun. Don’t get caught up in the ‘should’ and get obsessed with joy!

Her favorite part about being a mom…. the of cuddles and the love. She also enjoys watching her girls learn, grow, and develop their little unique personalities as they experience life.

Her not so favorite part… lack of sleep. She can't wait for a full 8 hours one day soon!

Spreading Happiness

Angela seeks to empower women to lift up and encourage one another with The Gratitude Project. She offers free resources on her website so women can take control of what they want to create in their lives.

She also released the Health Hub Collective which includes recipes, meal plans, nutritional support, and other resources for paid members! She is offering Land of Mom readers a free 30 minute goal setting session for anyone who joins Health Hub and mentions this blog.

Let us know in the comments below, what you are grateful for!


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