Style & Function with Liza Savary of Ruggish Co.

Style & Function with Liza Savary of Ruggish Co.

Who said you had to throw personal style out the window after having kids? We love the beautiful and functional play rugs from Ruggish Co. so much that we’re thrilled to feature designer and owner, Liza Savary on today’s Mom Boss Monday.


Liza is an Interior Designer and a mama to two—Dane (4) and Beau (2)—so she knows a thing or two about balancing a stylish home with intricate train track cities, dozens of blocks, and the occasional spilt milk.

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Liza didn't always feel fulfilled by her career path. When she became a mom, it not only changed her family life but also her career. Ruggish Co. was born out of the realization that so many home decor collections are either beautiful or functional... and very few seem to please both the parent AND the child.

“We were living in a small apartment in the city when our first son was born. Most of the space was multi-functional: our son’s room was also my office, our home gym, and a guest room. When he began to crawl, we knew we needed something more protective than our cowhide rug, but didn’t want to settle for brightly colored foam tiles. What I had envisioned wasn’t on the market, so I decided to create the Ruggish Play Rug!”

Balancing work and life as a mom and business owner

“As crazy as the life can be, I always wanted to be a mom. I love almost every part of it. My boys are at such a fun age; they are so loving, adventurous and into trying new things. We are so lucky to have “Mommy Fridays” when I'm out of the office, and we try a fun new adventure each week, taking advantage of everything LA offers.”

Mental preparation is big for Liza, who ends each weekend by reviewing the upcoming week. She finds that it helps ease into the Monday morning back-to-school and work chaos.

She swears by her daily agenda that not only helps her plan ahead but also gives her the opportunity to look back at what she’s accomplished over the year.  “I also love to see what my kids have been up to and remember all of the fun family stuff that I so quickly forget!”


Self-care is important to Liza, too. She’s committed to starting Mondays with a fun workout (SoulCycle is her current go-to) to start the week off right and encourage working out through the rest of the week. (But she’s the first to admit that doesn’t always happen!) She’s also found a great stress-reducer in the form of the Simple Habit app, which helps busy people meditate in less than 5 minutes per day.

Liza’s advice for new moms

As cute and cuddly as itty bitty babies are, Liza struggled with the newborn stage. Prior to mamahood, Liza and her husband had a very active pre-baby lifestyle. They expected their baby to jump right in… and he did, but she felt held back by a tough recovery.

“Having to focus on your own recovery and also get to know your new tiny human being can be such a challenge. Once I got past the first six weeks, I started to feel more like myself and things got much easier.”


It’s really easy to forget about yourself when you have a new baby. And, while Liza says she’d go back to that time in a heartbeat, she always tries to warn new moms that it isn’t easy. She also encourages new moms to make an effort to have a girls’ night or sneak out for a pedicure or workout. Everyone in the family benefits from mommy “me time”.

Embrace the slow pace while you can, and remember that it’s OK to ‘do nothing’ during your maternity leave.

Liza and the Ruggish family are looking forward to an active holiday season, especially with the kids more aware than ever. Be sure to bookmark their page for an upcoming sale. *wink*


When you’re a new mom, sometimes you might feel as if you’ve lost complete sense of who you are. Liza’s story is so inspirational because it shows that becoming a mom may change our identity in ways that are even more fulfilling than we imagined!

If you could redesign any one thing in your home to be kid-friendly AND stylish, what would it be? Let us know in the comments!

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