Success and Balance with Sarah Boyd

Success and Balance with Sarah Boyd

I'm SO excited to share a special edition of #MomBossMonday with Sarah Boyd, who will be joining us on stage on Sunday, May 6th in downtown Los Angeles for the Happy Mom Conference!

Sarah was named a "Female Founder to Watch" by Forbes, and we're so lucky we get to watch her take the stage and share her genius with us! 

“As a mom (and step-mom) of 3 and business owner, I know the true meaning of juggle. I jump at any chance I can share my learnings and experience with other mamas, because I’ve been there and know how hard it is.

That’s why when the Happy Mom Conference approached me to speak, I couldn’t wait to join. Plus I love to meet like-minded women for a day of inspiration and empowerment!”
— Speaker Sarah Boyd, Founder of SIMPLY

The start and growth of SIMPLY

Sarah is mama to 2-year-old Ava and the Founder of SIMPLY. Prior to her current role, Sarah did PR work for close to 10 years. She created SIMPLY because she wanted to help others in the fashion and beauty space in a KIND way. 

What began in 2012 as an agency specializing in events and brand collaborations has transformed into a global force that joins together industry leaders and hopefuls.

Through their flagship fashion & beauty conferences and monthly sessions, they bring together fashion, beauty, and entrepreneurial mavens to network, inspire, and learn from one another.

With the SIMPLY Digital Network, they assist brands with influencer marketing campaigns and work with a roster of celebrity bloggers in the digital sphere on media strategy, brand partnerships, and content creation.

In both the digital and the real world, SIMPLY strives to bring people together in a kind environment and provide everyone with the tools to thrive in the fashion & beauty industry.


How motherhood influences her work

Before becoming mom to Ava, Sarah admits that she could literally work 24/7. Having a child has taught her to make time away from work to focus on family.

“I’ve learned that I need to have a work/life balance to be an attentive and happy mama.”
— Sarah Boyd, Founder of SIMPLY

Achieving balance takes work and intention, even when the temptation is there to continue working.

For Sarah, that means that most nights, she turns work off as soon as she gets home. She also makes every effort to not work on the weekends, unless she has a SIMPLY event to attend.

"I say no to a lot more than I used to. Saying no really clears out the schedule to focus more on what's truly important. Prior to Ava, I would go to events almost every night. Now I just try to be more strategic and effective with the events I do attend."

Thinking back on those early days as a new mom

I asked Sarah to go back to the newborn days and share her experience as a new mom. 

"It was certainly a massive change! I was a little more prepped for it than other first-time moms because I'd had two step-sons (13 and 17) for close to 10 years before having my own. But having your OWN child is probably the most incredible feeling from the pregnancy to looking into their little face and seeing yourself to now seeing a little 2 year old running around. It's surreal and really no words to describe the emotions and love."

Sarah gave herself time and space after the birth of Ava. She took six weeks off from her business to focus on the new life she created, and when she went back to work, she was much more intentional with her time.

For self-care, Sarah prioritizes making time for herself. She loves at-home apps like Soothe for massages, so she doesn't have to travel more than necessary. She plans a weekly date night as well as at least one event with friends. 

She also loves to take a small, weekend trip every month. A few months ago she went to Tulum with her hubby, and just recently she surprised her brother in Portland for his birthday. 

“It’s easy to lose yourself if you don’t get away even if it’s for a quick workout!”
— Sarah Boyd on self-care and taking time for yourself

What she loves most (and least) about being a mom

One question that I like to ask my Mom Bosses is what they love the most about being a mom... and what they could do without. Sarah mentioned how much she loves watching her daughter grow, learn, see the world. But she also loves the new community she's found in other moms. 

The one thing she could do without, though, is the PLANNING! Between business owner and mom to 3 kids, spur of the moment trips or outings are not really an option.

The next few months for Sarah and SIMPLY

Aside from speaking at the Happy Mom Conference, Sarah is excitedly preparing for her SIMPLY LA conference coming up on August 11th.

There is no better way to further your career in the digital world than attending the SIMPLY LA Fashion & Beauty Conference on August 11th! Learn from the top names in blogging, influencer marketing, and social media, and get ready for plenty of stylish goodies, too! Learn more about SIMPLY LA and get your ticket here.

That's an affiliate link, but I love everything about SIMPLY and Sarah's mission...  and I would be telling you to attend even if I weren't an affiliate. I love it that much! A portion of all #SIMPLYLA conference ticket sales are donated to Love is Louder, a community of people working together to create a world where we all feel more connected and supported.

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Happy Mom Conference

I'm SO excited to share that Sarah Boyd will be joining us on stage on Sunday, May 6th in downtown Los Angeles for the Happy Mom Conference!

This event is a place for moms to get inspired, get empowered, and connect with moms who aspire to be more than just a mom. It’s a day for new (and not-so-new) mothers to find connection, community and business know-how. 


This daylong event features topics on women’s health as well as entrepreneurship and career topics, including keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops.

Throughout the day, attendees will be invited to sample food, fashion, beauty in the Happy Mom Marketplace, with over 50 participating vendors and sponsors, including: KIND, Penta Water, Suja Juice, Flybrow, Fridababy, Frances Austen, Wundabar, and more.

Get support as you are faced with a transition back to work after maternity leave, or as you consider a brand new career path as an entrepreneur.

Join us this Sunday, May 6th, for the Happy Mom Conference!

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