UPPAbaby’s MINU Stroller Event

UPPAbaby’s MINU Stroller Event


note: this article contains a few affiliate links, but I love the products so much I'd recommend them anyway!

I attended a fabulously themed luncheon to celebrate the launch of UPPAbaby's new MINU (as in MINU-ature) stroller and I'm excited to tell you all about it!

A group of us mamas gathered at the super cool Otium restaurant in Downtown LA for a unique culinary experience. When I arrived I was greeted by the smiling faces of my UPPAbaby fam who I adore! Truly one of the best teams in the biz! I got to my seat to find a gorgeous and sleek leather clutch personalized with my initials plus a beautiful blue scarf hanging over my chair. So classy and such a treat for us moms who got to go!


A top notch menu

The menu told us we would be experiencing a themed meal from start to finish with each course representing a cool feature of the MINU stroller. Our "lightweight" starter was a fresh farmer's market melon salad and the most delicious was a donut "wheel" for dessert. How unique is that?!

One of my faves

It was a blast to get to hang out with some amazing ladies while getting a taste of what's new with one of my favorite baby brands. If you've read my blog before, you know I'm a forever lover and user of UPPAbaby products. They're high-quality, easy to use and good looking - you basically can't go wrong!

We brought both our boys home from the hospital in the MESA infant car seat, I use the VISTA stroller as my main ride when I'm with a single baby, and I use my G-LINK double stroller, which is my current go to, for all things when I'm with both boys (ages 3 and 1).


Back to the luncheon and the MINU... while indulging on some amazing eats, we watched a demonstration on how to use and carry the MINU stroller. I was blown away! It is so compact. It folds and unfolds easily... and is perfect for moms on the go. Just look at the quickness in the video below!

But I thought to myself... how does the MINU fit into my life as a mama of two and owner of a two Ub rides already... So, it's different from the Vista because it's much lighter, folds super easy, and can literally be carried over the shoulder if needed.. a perfect umbrella stroller option! And it's obviously different from the G-Link double because it only seats one. 

And then I realized how often I want to leave the house for a quick errand, trip to the store or post office with just one baby... Or the days where daddy and I split and each takes one kid... I had a lightbulb moment for sure... and now I'm super excited for this new (and unlike the others) addition to my family of strollers for the boys!


More on the MINU

UPPAbaby had busy mamas in mind when creating this stroller because it folds with the use of one hand, is compact, and trunk friendly. At only 14.5 pounds the MINU stroller is light and compact making it easy to use while traveling or for quick trips. There is a multi-position recline as well as a smooth ride. You and your baby will always be comfortable.

Sounds pretty amazing right?! I can't wait to get my hands on my MINU!

Photo Credit:  Elaine Lee Photography

I had so much fun connecting with some of my fave mamas and enjoying the fab food at UPPAbaby’s event. You can see more amazingness from the day on Instagram, just search the hashtag: #UbMINU.

Leave a comment below to let us know what your favorite feature in a stroller is.

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