10 Websites Every Expecting & New Mother Should Bookmark

10 Websites Every Expecting & New Mother Should Bookmark

A couple weeks ago, Leo had a terribly high fever, and we decided to take no chances and headed straight to the ER. It's scary to feel so helpless while your little one is ill and to not have the answers.

Then there's the guilt that comes along with it:

"Did I wait too long before bringing him to the doctor?"

"Should I have noticed something sooner?"

While I'll never have all the answers, I am immensely thankful to have a wealth of helpful and informational resources at my fingertips. 

That's why I'm sharing 10 of my favorite online resources with you, so you can find support, answers, and peace of mind whenever you need it.


1. Lucie's List

There are just waaay too many products out there for babies and you'll drive yourself crazy reading every Amazon review. Save yourself the time and hassle and go straight to Lucie's List.

If you're struggling with sleep with your 4-month-old, they have an article that will list all of the best products on the market to help you figure out what works for you. This site is great about taking complex information and breaking it down to present it in a way that's easily understandable. Love it for this reason!


2. Nameberry

Nameberry is a website all about baby names. You'll find lists after lists of popular baby names (as well as not-so-popular ones), the meanings behind them, and heated discussions about spellings. While it's a great resource to help you think of a name if you're struggling, for me it became one of those fun time-waster websites to visit to help me get from week 32 to week 40 (or maybe to pass away those TTC weeks).

It's also a good way to know what names to avoid if you want to steer away from the ultra popular names of that year like I did.



3. Scary Mommy

If you haven't come across a Scary Mommy article yet, you will. Beyond the clickbait headlines and tongue-in-cheek sarcasm is an honest portrait of being a parent through both the best and hardest days. If you need a good laugh about the woes of motherhood, go here!


4. Ask Dr. Sears

Ask Dr. Sears is like having untapped access to your child's doctor 24/7 so you can ask any question about making your home a more healthy environment. If you encounter a new parenting situation and need advice on how to approach it, check here first.

I especially love their super helpful Acetaminophen (tylenol) dosing chart for when in a pinch or to treat a midnight fever appropriately when you can't reach the doctor.


5. Weelicious

Founded by one of our 2017 featured Mom Bosses, Catherine McCord, Weelicious is a resource for parents who are looking for simple, nutritious, and flavorful recipes for their families.

Weelicious’ Instagram is a must-follow! Catherine prepares meals and smoothies for her little ones live on video every day, and she shows you how to do it, too. She also gives us a glimpse into her life as mama to three of the cutest little helpers in the kitchen. Go here for cooking inspiration!



6. Kelly Mom

When you're awake at 3am wondering if it's normal for your newborn to have trouble latching on one side... when you're looking for tips on handling oversupply or undersupply... when you need advice on bottle feeding a breastfed baby..... THIS is the website you will find your answers on.

Kelly Mom is the most comprehensive resource for breastfeeding info and it eased my worries more than once. This is site I've trusted and relied on from the start!


7. La Leche League USA

The La Leche League is another breastfeeding resource that provides encouragement, information, and education to mothers. While breastfeeding is on the rise in the U.S., it's still one of the things new moms struggle with the most, especially if they have to return to work earlier than wanted, if their own mothers didn't breast feed, or if they face any early complications.

I didn't have many people in my life to turn to for breastfeeding support, so I really appreciated having this resource while I was learning how to breastfeed my baby.


8. Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is a nonprofit organization that objectively reviews television shows, movies, and books to let you know if it's an age-appropriate pick for your child. Their insight is extremely helpful for deciding to let your toddler watch a certain piece of programming. I also really appreciate knowing what to expect during a movie, because it gives us the opportunity to discuss it BEFORE we watch. 


9. Motherhustle

This is relatively new resource, but I've really been loving the articles written by mothers of all backgrounds and family types. If you're a business owner or aspiring to be one, you'll want to check this out.



10. Happy Mom Tribe 

The last resource to bookmark is our very own Happy Mama Tribe on Facebook! It's a wonderful community where moms can share the things that only other moms "get"... without being fear of judgment or guilt. Join us!

10 Websites Every Mother Should Bookmark on LandOfMom.com
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