Why I Created the Happy Mom Conference

Why I Created the Happy Mom Conference

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With all of the buzz recently on the Happy Mom Conference, I wanted to share the story behind why I felt it was so necessary to create something like this in our community.

During pregnancy, nothing really changes

I was fortunate to have a relatively low-key first pregnancy. Everything was fine and dandy, and not much about my outside world changed besides the growing baby bump. Yes, there are the emotional and hormonal moments (and you're growing a little human inside) but for the most part, I think most moms would agree that your world and life remains relatively routine.

Then baby arrives...

After I had Ryan, reality hit. My life was flipped completely upside down. You can talk to relatives, read every book on parenthood, and drown yourself in how-to articles online... but nothing will prepare you for the big life change about to happen to you, until it happens.

You have to be in it to feel it, to know what it is... I am sure my happy mom readers are nodding their heads, while anyone else is shrugging it off as something they've heard before but it won't happen to them.

The ~40 weeks of pregnancy isn't long enough to prepare for this shift... because the change in mindset literally happens overnight in that labor & delivery room.

In a flash, everything else in your life takes a backseat to the life you want to create for the greatest love of your life… your baby. You will never know another love like this, and this true, pure love will make you reevaluate your life.

After you start getting the hang of this mom thing... you start to reconsider everything you ever knew

For me, I thought about the career waiting for me after maternity leave. For so many reasons, it wasn't the right environment for a new mom. Even before having a baby, it tended to be a negative and not entirely supportive environment—I didn't even want to think about how difficult it would be to find time to pump milk or take days off when my baby was ill. 

In my heart, I knew it wasn't going to be supportive of my new life, so I had no choice but to walk away from something that I once believed was my dream job. Everything I had worked for in my life... going to college, earning my MBA... it all landed me my dream job at my dream company. 

You can imagine the struggle I felt in making this decision. Torn between the ideal that I had spent decades working toward... and the love I was holding in my arms.

When I was younger and single and didn't have a family, I was easily able to accept the not-so-perfect environment. I pushed through. I told myself it was normal and OK. But I couldn't stand it for one second longer once I had a reason to stand up for something bigger, when I knew that I needed to be a happy mom, one that would set a good example for my child..

Ryan was the reason I decided to stand up for myself and what I believed was right!

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Motherhood pushes you to get creative with your life

I will forever be grateful to motherhood because it led me down a path of true passion and happiness.

I'm NOW doing what I was actually meant to do in life: Supporting moms who are in the space that I was in. Moms who crave the community I was craving. Moms who thrive when they are HAPPY and living a fulfilled life because they're equipped to pursue the things that make them happy. Moms who know they are MORE THAN A MOM!

I hope that every mom is able to find her tribe and support system via Land of Mom and the Happy Mom Conference... where connection is community, and community and common ground will get you through your new life as a mom.

I want all moms to live happily and find a way to make motherhood fit into their lives in a such a beautiful, supportive way. A way that is not foggy and deterring, but clear and fulfilling. I truly believe that motherhood leads to truth, because you have no other choice but to make it count when your time... your family... is so valuable.

El Abad wearing black tee and acid-washed, fur-line denim jacket and smiling off the the side.

Join me at the Happy Mom Conference!

I’d love for you to join me for the next Happy Mom Conference. It's a day of community, inspiration, and action. We'll share our motherhood stories, we'll learn better ways to balance career and family, we'll be inspired to take our Mom Boss aspirations further than ever.

This is the premier event for moms who want to make space in their lives to pursue their passions... to start a new career, to open a shop, to grow their businesses to new heights... to do the work that lights their souls on fire.

You'll hear from powerful and inspiring Mom Bosses about their successes (and failures) in running businesses with young ones in the home. And you'll walk away with tangible skills that you can apply to your life and business.

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Why my own journey from the corporate world to pursuing my own dreams as a new mom inspired me to start Happy Mom Conference, a premier space for mamas to pursue their own careers and business ventures and find connection, community, and career-savvy support! #happymom #happymomtribe #happymomconference #happymomcommunity
Making a Difference with Danielle Estrada

Making a Difference with Danielle Estrada

Tickets are NOW ON SALE for the Happy Mom Conference

Tickets are NOW ON SALE for the Happy Mom Conference