Why Mama Friends are Important!

Why Mama Friends are Important!

Three happy moms enjoying the sunshine and Mother’s Marketplace at Happy Mom Conference 2019 at the Paseo Pasadena. The mama in the center is carrying a Happy Mom branded tote.

Let’s face it, as a new mama, you’re bombarded with soooo many different products, services, websites, and pieces of advice from family… It can get overwhelming. There's nothing more important than finding your mom community: the group of women that you can connect with on a different level… you know, the ladies that just get you and your mom ways.  

Don’t think you have enough time to connect with other mamas? Let me tell you from experience girl that you need to find the time. As a new mama especially, it can be easy to slip into loneliness, but you can’t let yourself. There are so many resources available to millennial mamas.

Here’s my Millennial Mama Resource List to help you find your tribe:

Mommy + Me Classes

I did these classes with Ryan & Leo and loved them. As a first-time mom, I didn’t know too much. I had relatives share their thoughts and ways, but I feel like some of the things they talked about were more traditional and a little old school for me as a modern mom.

As a millennial mom, it really helped me to take these classes. I learned everything that I did about my mothering style there, the instructors were amazing and were up to date on all things baby. I also made such good Mommy friends that I'm still friends with today. It's so fun to see where everyone is in life… having their second or third baby, and evolving as mamas since becoming a first-time mom.

women’s circles at churches (or other places of worship)

It’s always nice to be able to connect with mamas and others on a deeper level, plus it’s nice to meet others with similar religious views and traditions. Places of worship like churches are great places to find like-minded mamas, and a lot of them have women’s groups which often include both young mamas and older retired women. This makes it not only a great place to meet your peers, but also an opportunity to meet mentors to help you along your journey as a mom!

Virtual Communities

If you’re not able to get out to a Mommy & Me class I highly suggest you find yourself a good virtual community. I have Happy Moms group on Facebook where all mamas are invited to ask questions they may have, share their mama stories, and seek advice, among other things. It’s amazing how there is such a sense of community in there.

You can also subscribe to my weekly Happy Mail where I share updates on my journey, advice and inspiration from boss mamas, and exclusive deals and discounts…plus special updates on Happy Mom Conference. You also will get my Networking + Collaboration Guide just for signing up! I love how technology can bring mamas all over the world together!

View of the Happy Mom Conference 2019 stage from the center aisle. White chairs on either side with lovely leather notebooks on the seats are set up for each mama attending, while the Heartbeat sponsored stage is set with seats for panelists, minimalist white floral arrangements, and a “Happy Mom Conference presented by UPPAbaby” backdrop.

Happy Mom Conference

I started the Happy Mom Conference because I saw a need for this type of platform for my fellow millennial mamas to find inspiration and community. It’s very different from doing a mommy and me class or hanging out in a virtual community; it’s the ultimate SELF-care experience and all about investing in yourself and finding yourself again after becoming a mama. It's a personal growth conference where mamas from every walk of life can come together to find connection, community, and career-savvy support!

You’ll meet other moms in the same headspace as you who want to achieve their goals and aspirations after becoming a mom… because why should we give up on our dreams just because we are moms?! We cover everything for moms from health + wellness to career transition + mompreneurship. In this space, you're really able to thrive and you’ll walk away with tangible tools to be able to succeed in life, motherhood, and business! You never know, you might even meet your next business partner at something like this!

Help make mom-ing less overwhelming… lean on your mama community in the tough times. You shouldn’t have to do it alone! Whether they’re girlfriends you meet in person or virtually, you’ve got to find a support system to have by your side while you navigate the highs and lows of motherhood.

Mamas, let me know where you hang with your mama community!

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