Year in Review: 2018 into 2019

Year in Review: 2018 into 2019

A lot happened in 2018. It was a big year for me and my family!




One big thing that happened was my little lion, Leo, turned 1! We had a beautiful celebration in our yard with our closest family and friends to celebrate not only his birthday, but his baptism too. It was just really special to have my second baby turn one… There’s something about that first birthday that is just so special to me! Having him baptized into our Christian faith that same day just made the whole thing even more special.


Fast forward to celebrating my own birthday in March. We captured a sweet, sweet moment on video of my two boys singing happy birthday to me (well, Ryan singing happy birthday to me and Leo just kinda getting in on it). My husband and I actually took a little trip to Vegas for my birthday, which was really nice. At that point, we hadn’t done anything just us two for a while, so it was nice to get away. We only went for one night, but it was well worth it and just taking the trip was an adventure! I had to take all my pumping equipment with me because I was still breastfeeding Leo. Taking the pump and all the milk through TSA was an interesting time, haha.




In the midst of all that happening at the start of the year, I was also planning the very first Happy Mom Conference. The week before the big event, I was honored to appear on KTLA-5 News. I was on the 10am Morning News, which is a big show so that was a huge moment for me! I got to talk about the conference and what it was all about and share with the audience why it’s my passion and why I created it. I was so nervous, which actually led to a super cute moment with Sam Rubin. I had a mint in my mouth right before the show. When they started counting down to going live, I was so nervous I didn’t know what to do with it! Sam was so calm and just pulled out a tissue underneath the table so no one could see, grabbed my mint for me and said, “Here, I’ll take that.” It was such a cool moment for me, and he literally calmed my nerves right before we went live.


Then came the official day for the Happy Mom Conference on May 6th. This was my dream and passion for a while, so this was a huge moment for me! After becoming a mom, I attended a few personal development conferences and I always loved them and got so much out of them. But I thought that there needed to be one that was specifically catered to moms: new moms, expecting moms…women who were going through that change in their lives as a result of becoming a mom. The changes that come with that can be really life altering and shocking for some moms! My dream was to create a space to help moms get past that hump and pursue their passions beyond motherhood again. It was a beautiful day! If you want to know more, check out this recap. We are now in the midst of planning Happy Mom Conference 2.0, which we will be sharing details on very soon!




It was nice to close the conference out right before Mother’s Day and Ryan’s birthday, because that’s what we went into next, and there was no way I was going to plan a birthday party right after the conference. I was done event planning for a minute! We decided to take a nice little trip to the desert with my family for Ryan’s 3rd birthday. It was so nice to just be away and relax and celebrate his birthday and Mother’s Day! Ryan got to do some of his fave things like just splash around in the water and hang out with his fam. All he really cared about was that he got a birthday cake and to have fun hanging out; he really didn’t need a party! The timing of that trip was so perfect for our little family to reconnect again after I was so busy with the conference and work. It was a beautiful chance for us all to recoup, get refreshed, and get back to life!



Once we got back to reality, I had the opportunity to appear on my good friend Tara Turnure’s YouTube show “The Model Mama.” It was really cool to talk about why I started my blog, Land of Mom, and how that led to the very first Happy Mom Conference, especially following right after the conference! Check out the full interview here!




Somehow, we ended up in Vegas again in August to celebrate my husband’s birthday! It was really nice to get away without the kids for a minute again. After that, we took our first real trip as a family of 4 to one of our fave places: Maui, Hawaii! Maui is where we had our honeymoon, so it’s a special place for us, and it was really fun to be back this time with our 2 kids. We got to show them the island and what we love about it. They had so much fun just chasing waves and being in the sand and the sun and swimming all day! It was also Leo and Ryan’s first time on an airplane, and they ended up doing really well!



Halloween was super special this year. We all dressed up as superheroes: My husband was Captain America, I was Black Widow, Ryan was Spiderman, and Leo was the Hulk! It was really fun because even though I’ve dressed up for Halloween here and there, it becomes so much more fun when you have kids to dress up. Ryan really wanted me to get in on the action last year, so I did it for him and it was so much fun! The year before we were all skeletons, and I think it’s a family tradition we’ll keep going!




Backtrack to September 22nd. I was preparing to go to an industry event, and my husband and I really felt that I needed to take a pregnancy test. I took it and sure enough, it was positive! This wasn’t a planned pregnancy for us, per se, but we were excited nonetheless to find out I was pregnant for a third time…and a little terrified, to be honest! Part of us had thought we were done with two kids. We were happy and content there, but then this little blessing showed up and threw a curveball in our lives! Of course we’re nervous because we will be outnumbered, but I think it’ll be a beautiful thing and we’re excited for it!


We kept the pregnancy a secret until Thanksgiving because my sister was going to be visiting from Miami and as the godmother of my two children, we wanted her to be one of the first people to know. So we hosted at our place and told everyone with a really cute bird’s nest announcement—a turkey bird’s nest, a la Thanksgiving, haha. The last little nest had a little blue egg in it that said, “Baby Bro Hatching May 2019.” Everyone was shocked! Just like us, I think some of our family thought we were probably done having kids, but my mom actually said she felt that I was pregnant the whole time!



Christmas was magical! We did a cute little family photo shoot for our Christmas cards with the talented photographer Guy Galstyan, who has been doing a lot of my photos because I just love working with her. I really love how all the pictures captured all the sweet moments of our family. After that, it was Christmas! We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at our house, and then drove up to Mammoth to take our kids to see the snow for the first time. It was a beautiful white Christmas! It was wonderful to just hang out, relax, and close out the year in a really uplifting, magical place.

Our 2018 Christmas card!

Our 2018 Christmas card!


It was blessings on blessings in 2018! Surprises, all kinds of new things, first year of Happy Mom Conference…looking back I’m just so thankful and feel so blessed by everything I experienced and went through in 2018 and am really looking forward to 2019!



There are so many exciting things that are going to happen this year! We just got back from a family vacay at the beautiful Montage in Laguna Beach celebrating Leo’s second birthday. Look out for a blog about it coming very soon. It was peaceful bliss…well, as much as life can be blissful with two active toddlers, haha!

I’m also working on Happy Mom Conference 2.0 and I can’t wait to share more details on that soon and host that on Saturday, May 4th in Los Angeles! In May, we’ll also celebrate Ryan’s 4th birthday and then the baby will be born…well, who knows if he’ll cook in there until past his big brother’s birthday on May 13th! The new baby’s due May 23rd, so we’ll see!

Then it’ll be entering that phase of new mama life again with a newborn. I’ll have two little boys in preschool and one at home with me while still managing my blog (I’m excited to see what’s to come with that!) We’re hoping for some family trips after the baby’s born, believe it or not. Hopefully we can manage the family trip with three little ones to take along with us!

We’re looking forward to everything that’s to come and are so thankful and appreciative of everything God and the universe throws our way, curveballs or not! Everything is exciting and the same and we are excited to experience it all together as a family of five very soon! Ah! I can’t believe I’m going to have three little boys, haha! We’ll see what else is to come for the rest of 2019.


Mamas, what are your 2018 highlights? What are you excited for in 2019?

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